Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday 9/4/08

As you can probably read I am so very thankful for the wonderful, exciting Labor Day Weekend we had this past weekend. The best yet. Although I complain about leaving for Indy in the middle of the night and the long, long trip, it was well worth it this time. It was worth every drop of sweat I shed at the Nelson concert.

I am thankful for the hugs Don's mom gives me. This time when we arrived she hugged us like she did not want to let go; like she had not seen us in a long time, but we were there back in June.

I am thankful we were able to attend our granddaughter Shelby's 6th birthday. It has become a family tradition. We haven't missed one yet. Although Rhett did miss a day of school. Now my mother would not have gone because of that fact and she told me so before we left.

I am really thankful Kristina asked us to go to to the free Blair Carmen concert now! But I am even more thankful we got to see the Nelsons perform. (Please read my previous backwards posts.) It was the most excitement I've had in awhile. I'm still riding the waves of that high. I have been showing everyone my autographed photo. Sadly I am finding a lot of folks did not care for Ricky Nelson. A co-worker/friend called Nelson, (Gunner and Matthew), "those long-haired hippies with the blonde hair". I got ticked and defensive. So what if they had long hair? Jesus had long hair too. Did that make him a hippie?

I am thankful for all the photos I took especially of the Nelsons. Now I sort of hate to add to my blog because their pictures will not be the first thing you see. I know that is silly of me.

As always I am thankful we had a safe trip in spite of Don's abdominal pain which could very well be his gall bladder. So please keep him in your prayers to be pain free and have succesful surgery if he has to have it.

I am thankful to be home. There is no place like it.

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Iris has a wonderful post about the seasons of lives. I tend to write my thankfulnesses first before reading her's. I just have to follow the beat of my own drum.

Quotes of the day:

Many times, I realize how much my outer and inner life is built upon the labors of people, both living and dead, and how earnestly I must exert myself in order to give in return as much as I have received.
-Albert Einstein-

Gratitude in your attitude will affect the latitude of your life. -Chaz Lee-


Denise said...

Your heart makes my heart smile, thank you.

Serendipity said...

The Nelsons? Oh I certainly remembered them! And their long blonde hair! I love their song "Love and Affection". That was back in the 80s or 90s? My memory fail me LOL!

As always, we all have so much to be thankful for.

Have a blessed weekend!

PERBS said...

I never really followed the boys but their Dad, now he was something else!

Jo said...

Becky, I LOVE the Einstein quote. Einstein was wonderful, wasn't he?

I loved Ricky Nelson, by the way, Were the Nelsons as good?

I hope your hubby's gall bladder is okay, and he gets it out as soon as possible. It can be very painful. Tell him to stay away from fatty foods until it's all fixed.


Nancie said...

Hi Becky, you have a lovely thankful list! Truly so many things to be thankful for! Glad you have had such a wonderful weekend. So wonderful of Don's mom to give you those precious hugs! Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us. Take care and God bless!

becky voyles said...

THANK YOU, Denise. Serendipity, they sang their song "Love and Affection" at the concert and now I cannot get it out of my head. You have a blessed weekend also.
Perbs, I remember what Ricky on "Ozzie & Harriett". I wasn't a great fan but I liked him & his music. I didn't really follow Nelson but knew who they were, liked their music and their long blonde hair. Jo, when I closed my eyes while standing near the stage, I could hear Ricky. I love the fact that paid a tribute to their father. They shared so much information about him. It was like apart of him was living on.... Thanks, Jo, for the thing about fatty foods for my hubby. I'll tell him. Thank you Nancie for your comments. Yes, I am very thankful for Don's mom's hugs. They really meant a lot to me.

eph2810 said...

I am glad that you had a wonderful time during the long Labor Day weekend. Cool that you were able to travel and see you granddaughter.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.

Be blessed today and always...

becky voyles said...

Thanks Iris for you comments. Bless you too.