Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Artful Saturday




Well, Don got off early from his over time day and felt well enough to cut the grass Friday for which I am thankful. Not that we had a jungle out there. I'd made up pink invitations for the art show to send out. Some I sent through inter-office mail at work to various friends in different departments. I snail-mailed those I do not have email access. So Saturday I had to go to the post office for stamps and to mail the ones in our town and the rest in Columbus. I got Frank Sinatra stamps which I just love because of the blues in them even though I was not a big fan of the man. Afterwards Rhett & I had lunch where they had catfish on the kids menu and he was in heaven! Then we went to a house that has been turned into an art gallery. I saw one artist guild member there. I wasn't sure if he recognized me because I was incognito as a Bohemia artist in my bummin' around clothes consisting of worn out, patched jeans, a pink t-shirt, not a stitch of make up on my face and not the best of hair days.

In the first room to the right, Rhett was going through matted pieces of artwork and he kept saying, "Momma you could do this..." repeatedly. It made me feel very good that he has that much confidence in me. I was taking in the pricing on other's artwork for future references. A lot was not cheap. I noticed names of other guild memembers on some of them. There were not a lot of abstracts, but I did not feel threatened or intimidated in the least. In fact, I felt pretty confident about my artwork. My friend Ruth would be so proud of me! I realized others deal in realism whereas I don't always and that is fine with me. I march to the beat of a different drummer. There was one watercolor of a woman standing with a child in the woods. The woman reminded me of myself and I thought the child looked like Rhett when he was small. Rhett told me the child looked like a girl! The owner wanted $110 unframed which was too steep for wallet.

I did ask the owner if she had any of her work in the shop. She showed me what she is putting in the show. Again, I did not feel bad about mine. She did have a painting of a pink flower that was awesome. Her painting for the show was still wet and needed to be framed so I am not the only one who waits til the last minute.

I did purchase a tiny piece of artwork on a greeting card that was very inexpensive. It was made by a nearby photographer in Catula. It struck a chord with me because it was a photo that had obviously been photo-shopped of old window frames in front of an old, old house. Because of all I went through to get mine framed the other day, I thought it was befitting and would serve as a reminder to me not to procrastinate about last minute framing ever again! I would have taken a picture of it and posted it here, but did not want to infringe on her copyrights. Just take my word for it, it was beautiful. I probably would have entitled it "Framed". LOL So I was thankful for this tiny bit of serendipity. I will probably frame it and put it somewhere in the house.

Later I ran into an old acquaintance who used to teach elementary school art but now teaches regular classes. Louie used to dress so hip and sexy back in the day. She didn't have bangs, but she was sort of like Elvira only more slender. We had a mutual friend who we haven't heard from in years in years. Louie was dressed rather frumpy compared to yesterday. She said she would come to the art show which made me feel good. Hope she remembers.

I caught up on my Sky Watch post and Carver VII of on his Sky Watch post gave me a cool idea to try with my digital camera that he and his wife use. So I tried it. The first photo is the back of the house turned art gallery I found interesting. After I posted the post, I thought I saw "something" in the window, but it looked like a black bird like thing with a top hat in the top right pane. LOL

Then I took a regular photo of lights at the library. Next I placed my sunglasses over my camera and snapped the shot. It gives it a sort of sepia tone muchlike a filter only it looks reddish or amber here. Still I like it. I took some cloud photos afterwards, but I don't want to put all my goodies in one post. Thanks so much Carver for sharing that idea!

Still it was a very artful day for me so I was content. I had a hard time trying to get the blogger to upload this earlier so I was thankful I could get the photos on here because as my friend Abby says, "No post is complete without a picture."

I took the invitation to church and our preacher announced it from the pulpit. A lot of folks had questions for me like what type of art I do. "Abstract" was my reply. Hopefully some for congregation will come. That would be an awesome blessing.

When my friend Anne heard about my framing woes, she reminded me that the Lord is still looking out for me and Don. Just because I couldn't get it done at the first two places I went to, I was still able to get it done. Ironically, the Cataula artist had this saying on the back of the card, "When God closes a door, He opens a window." Thank you Lord for windows!

I am beginning a new thing... called Blogging your Blessings Sunday thanks to Paulie because I am doubly blessed. If you would like to blog your blessings also, please go to the following... Blue Panther's blog

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Carletta said...

Hi Becky,
I'm so glad you stopped by my blog a couple of days ago. I have been busy with three photo challenge memes in a row and didn't think I could do comments for Sky Watch so I didn't sign up. I am this week.
I'm so looking forward to seeing how your show goes. I am truly excited for you.
I'll have to try this sunglass thing to see how it works.

PERBS said...

I love the old fashioned window panes! It's always fun to try new things with a camera -- interesting how some things can change a photo ever so subtly! I am happy to see you blog your blessings again.

Did you sign up for the blogroll on Neo's site? I couldn't find you on it today so just came directly to your blog. You can also take an icon for BYB Sunday from his site -- he has various ones you can use. Then, the html he has can be copied for the blogroll to add to your site. This week, he plans to clean up the blogroll and eliminate those who haven't posted in a long time. I only find about 8 who are really participating each week. If I can help you in any way, let me know.

becky voyles said...

Hi Carletta. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I knew you were busy. I am excited about the show too. Can't wait to see how the sunglass thing works for you... Yes, Paulie, I blogged my blessings but I had trouble with capturing the logo. I have a program with my digital camera and I also have Picasa. When I loaded the Odd Shot logo, it went to Picasa with no problems. BYB's logo went to the program for my Pentax & I couldn't get it to work. I couldn't get it to link in my side bar so I was very frustrated. I am thinking I need to go to another computer to do this since mine isn't doing it. I caught up on some old blogs because I am going to participate in another postcard swap. Then it was bed time. I'll try it again later. Thanks for your offer. Short of turning my blog over to you, I don't know what else to do! LOL

Nancie said...

Hi Becky, thanks for telling me about Blogging your Blessings Sunday. I will check out on the posts later. And thanks for sharing these lovely photos and those of the cloud. You are very creative and able to take nice pictures! Take care and have a blessed week!

becky voyles said...

Hi Nancie. You are very welcome about BYBS. Glad you like my pictures. You be blessed also.