Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tiger Town Trip Today

Well, I had orginally taken Friday off work because my high school was playing the high school my father attended for the 100th time. Although it sounded like Daddy's school was doing more fun, but cheaper activities. I was excited about going had been talking about it for weeks. Even Rhett was excited because it would be his first football game. Then Don's gall bladder started acting up. I'd reminded Daddy I was going to buy the tickets to the game when he told me not to buy his. He is in his 80's now yet it saddened me because it reminded me of his age. Don said he didn't feel like going either. It would have been too uncomfortable for him to sit there and I understood. I just did not feel comfortable with Rhett and I going alone. I'd always been to the games with a male and maybe that is an old fashioned attitude in the age. Still I felt like the girl who was missing her prom. LOL Although one friend and former JCPenney co-worker told me to stop over-analyzing and "Just go!" I found a thousand excuses. It was too hot. My hair wasn't done just right, but it would have fizzed in the heat anyway. I didn't have the cushions for us to sit on and I would have had to drive all the way home to get them, etc. You name it, I came up with it.

By not going, I did not have to worry about how I looked; if my hair was not just perfect. Or if I looked too fat, too old and gray. I didn't have to worry about if I was wearing the right clothes; if I fit in. Although I felt like I was missing something... Instead the three of us went to eat Mexican food. I know that probably was not ideal for Don's gall bladder, but he seemed to enjoy it. Especially the beans and he had no ill effects.

Today Don felt well enough to weed eat around the front curb. I slept late because I had to take two anti-hystamines last night. I'd completely forgotten about my inhaler. Don had the portable phone outside with him. A credit card company called me with a courtesy call. I was listening to their speel when Don came in, said "You are on the phone... who are you talking to?" Then I heard "I just go stung by a bunch of bees!" "Are you alright?" I asked him then told the person on the phone I had to go and hung up immediately! He thought honey bees stung him, but now we think they were yellow jackets because they were so agressive that two even followed him inside the house! He got stung on the cheek of his face, and three times on his right arm. Luckily he killed the two that followed him inside the house. Don was more concerned that he'd left his weed eater running, but when he went back to it, it had stoppped running. I think someone is trying to tell him something... like keep your butt inside and rest! But does he listen? NO!

All I could remember from my childhood was my Grandmother Graddy would put some of her snuff on our bee stings. Well, thankfully I don't dip snuff and none of us smokes so those two remedies were ruled out. I tried to call our preacher, but none of their phone lines were accepting calls except the church answering machine. Larry is an outdoorsman much like Don. They have a lot in common. They both grew up on farms. Because I couldn't reach Larry, I called our church friend Nancy, thinking her husband Tom might be of help. She suggested benedryl which I had in pill form as well as spray since Rhett and I are allergic to misquitos. Nancy gave me Larry's cell phone number as well as another church memember's cell phone numbers, who I was unable to reach at their home. Garry has honey bees. Don was thinking Garry might want to come get the bees IF they were indeed honey bees.

Lesson learned: Try to get as many church memembers's cell phone numbers as you can because you never know when you might need them.

First, I reached Annie Kate, Garry's wife who was in Talledega. She suggested putting clorox on the stings. Garry called back later and said too much time may have passed for the clorox to be effective on the venom. Don was taking a shower in order to go get his hair cut and did not want the cloroz smell on him when he went to the barber shop. I did spray him with benedryl before he left. The man who owned the barber shop put one of his antiseptics on it also.

Don wanted to drive to Auburn to check out a new sporting goods place called Academy Sports and Outdoors where everyone was wearing their Auburn colors of orange and blue. I had on the same colors because I was wearing the organge t-shirt I'd planned to wear to the football game the night before, but did not get to wear it. I figured I might as well wear it today and blend in. Blend in I did. We'd never seen so much organge and blue. I admit I was pretty bored out of my gord at this place.

Then Don wanted to go to Dick's Sporting Goods in Tiger Town Mall which we pass on the way to Indiana. I couldn't take another sporting goods store so I had him to drop me off at Hobby Lobby. The first thing I found was a black raven stake which I grabbed! Well, it may be a crow, but I am saying it is a raven. I hurried to the rubber stamp aisle where I found a raven stamp. Again this could be a crow, but I am still saying it's a raven. I found a package of fancy clear bird stamps by INKAKINKADO. I don't know why I am do into birds lately. This Hobby Lobby seemed bigger than the one in Columbus to me.

I missed some photo opps while in Tiger Town and they were staring right at me. I should have taken a picture of the rock that was painted like a tiger to go with this title, but I did not. Now I regret it. So always take that shot.

We stopped to get gas at the same Liberty station where I took my Liberty Bird picture for Sky Watch Friday awhile back. No birds were there today so I guess that was only meant to be for then. At my suggestion, we stopped by our youngest daughter's apartment on the way back home, had a nice visit and decided to go to Gutheries to eat which was near there. I did get a really neat shot while there that may be an Odd Shot. Everyone thought it was so cool when I showed them in the camera's view.

I have not taken a photo of the raven stake yet, but will probably do that tomorrow. Yes, I am being like Scarlett O'Hara again... thinking of that tomorrow.


PERBS said...

Sorry about hubby's troubles and hope he is fine now. Looks like you have had plenty to do to keep you out of trouble.

becky said...

Yes, Paulie he seems to be ok now. Thanks for asking. I had been thinking about you today with your Blog Your Blessings so it is sort of ironic that you replied here today. I was just about to read your post for it.