Thursday, October 1, 2009

Artful Thanks

Here it is another Thankful Thursday but my thankfulness began on Sunday evening. We went to McDonald's after evening service to get ice cream. Well, I wanted a milkshake. As we got out of the monster truck, I spotted a penny on the pavement and told Rhett so he could get it. We no longer do the heads up good luck anymore. Even if it is tails, we pick it up these days. As I used my debit card to pay for our treats, I saw another penny by the machine and pointed it out to Rhett again. He picked up this penny also. Instead of putting it in his pocket, he put both of them in the container for the Ronald McDonald house. I patted him on the back and told him how proud I was of him. When we got home and I was on the computer, I sent this out as an email to my close friends who were equally proud of him. I have a great kid. I am so proud of him and I love him very much.

This week was pretty average except there was another unexpected bill for my aunt. Now we have to pay Reader's Digest $230 dollars for things she orderd back in January or prior and never paid for them! My cuz L had the movie channels removed from the cable bill and his brother was not a happy camper about it, but my aunt is not made of money and once she is gone, there will be no income coming in.

L did give me some cd's. Some country, some gospel. One was an Allison Crouse which he gave his mom, but said she won't listen to it now. So sad.

I had a run in with Illy this week where she yelled at me in front of other co-workers. I let her get to me and make me so mad I couldn't eat yet I don't say anything to her because that will just get her started, but I don't want to hear it. I did tell the dep about it. A lot of good that did.

We had free pizza at work yesterday, but either that or something else made me sick. I used old fishsticks with new ones the night before. I thought I had food poisoning again, but luckily it wasn't. I felt bad enough to go home, but I stuck it out. That is just the way I am. Rhett had the same thing I did. I stayed home today.

I am participating in an art auction this evening at a local church. It benefits needy boys and girls. This is a first for me so I am hoping it will open new doors as an artist. I donated three pieces of my artwork. They were framed inexpensively and I have copies so I can bear to part with my babies. One of the wives of one of the officers at work is apart of this organization. She came to the library when I was sitting with the artwork Saturday evening to pick up the pieces. She really liked my blue collage which was one of the three I selected for this event. I had an art bio sheet that was used for the art show so she could take that which was really serendipitious. Like it was meant to be. She gave me the three tickes we needed. I gave her husband some of my business cards on Monday for her for the auction. Hope my artwork sells, but I think Melissa may buy it!

Some of my friends already think of me as a famous, successful artist. Another refred to me as "Mrs. Rembrandt", but I think I am more of "Mrs. Picasso". LOL

Yesterday I kept staring at copy of my latest piece of artwork I did while at the library. Because it has piano keys in it, I am thinking of titling it "All Keyed Up".

While lying in bed this morning, my pink silk pillowcase formed a very abstract face which I couldn't stop staring at. I was memorizing it. I asked my husband to bring me my camera. He did, but I know he thought I had finally lost it or had a fever. I tried taking a photo of it and felt sort of like a modern day Goldilocks. Without flash it was too dark although I can probably lighten it up in Picasa if I can get it to work right again. With flash it looked like something else entirely as the flash reflected off the silk material. So I got up, found a cream piece of scrapbook paper, grabbed my little black bag of markers, pens and colored pencils then proceeded to draw it myself. I messed up, but I made lemonade. I simply cut out the mess. Wouldn't it be wonderful if life was that easy? It formed a half mask that I am oh so happy with. I took pictures of it on the solid baby blue of Rhett's comforter on his bed as a background. I haven't had time to upload as I had to do my hair, my nails a pumpkin orange color, etc. Then I have to go pick Rhett up from his drama class which is free this year! Thank goodness. Hope Don will be home from the woods in time to go with us. If not, Rhett will be my date. Hope the food is good because that will be our supper. Gotta run.

What were you thankful for today or this week? If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following...


Denise said...

Asking God to continually bless you sweetie, love you.

PERBS said...

You are one busy lady. I wish you would put a photo on yoru blog of the art work you speak of. . .

JesuLalaine said... must have made a very interesting piece of art.. thank God for such beautiful talent. God bless!

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becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks, Denise, I am asking the same thing for you. Yes, Paulie, I am one busy lady. I had trouble with Picasa which is why I haven't uploaded pics lately. Well, JesuLalaine, I'd like to think it was interesting. God Bless you also. Thanks for all the comments.

More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Becky, thanks for stopping by my blog. It's good to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your thankful heart with us. It's encouraging to read of Rhett's kindness. What a precious child you have!

Take care and may God grant you a very blessed weekend!