Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Reunion

I had an down then up Friday. Got some bad news but I am dealing with it with the help of my friends, family, prayer warriors and the Lord. I am not going to post about it until I find out more which hopefully will be soon.... maybe this week; maybe tomorrow.

I'd been looking forward to my high school reunion. Of course I let doubts & fears get to me. I'd changed my mind a million times about what to wear. I'd gotten my hair cut days prior instead of two weeks so it could have calmed down. To scrunch or not scrunch. To curl and look like I always do or not. I figured all the girls would be wearing long dresses that are in style again. Even told Don they probably be wearing them whereas I was not. So glad I did not go out & buy one now.

I do what I normally do when I can't decide. I wear pink, my signature color. I wore the blouse I'd bought and wore for Easter with some skinny pants & comfy clogs. Because my hairstylist scrunched my hair and swept it to the right side, my bangs thought they were supposed to do that again. So I had to comb it all over to the side. I wasn't real happy but it turned out pretty good in pictures. Everyone told me how good it looked.

I saw people I had not seen in years. It really made me feel good about myself. By not baking myself in the sun, I don't have as many wrinkles. Nor do I have bags under my eyes even though I couldn't seem to go to sleep the night before.

Some people I had no classes with were very friendly as if we'd always been friends. Then some I have known since elementary school still do not acknowledge me. I often wonder what it would have been like to have been the really popular girl. But I did't let that stop me from being a social butterfly. I had a little much needed wine and had a really good time. For a little while I was able to almost forget about my reality.

We had too rare steaks which I hardly ate because I was too busy talking or getting interrupted while eating to speak to someone else. I had no time for the Blue Devil cake but Don had my piece.

I was lucky enough to talk to my classmate Becky who I just learned is an artist also. She has her own gallery! Lucky her. This is her website....
which will be added to my blog list after posting this. I really enjoyed talking to her about art. She gave me one of her business cards and a postcard which has one of her abstracts on it. She is now one of my Facebook friends too as well as some others I had not seen in ages.

At 1st Don wouldn't get up and dance with me to "Brick House" but told me I could get up there along with the encouragement of my other friends so I did. Now they have blackmail pictures. LOL Not that I really care. I had fun and that was the main thing.

The event were rather expensive. I definetly did not get my $25 worth Friday nite! But I enjoyed the company. The girls we sat with were some of the smartest in our class. Too bad some of their smarts didn't rub off on me. People would come up to them and they wouldn't remember them. Earlier they were miffed at me because I wasn't standing next to them to tell them who everyone was. I finally told them they spent too much time in their books! LOL

Saturday was lunch at the school. I could take Rhett to this so he could tour my old school. It was burned in the 80's & rebuilt. Don & I had toured it at the 20th reunion. It was still much the same as it was only no hardwood floors and it had carpet. This tour, it was a totally different school! It is no longer our school. It is a much more modern, college prep school now. Rhett loved it and wants to go there now. I can't blame him because I'd certainly want to go for the art department. I was the only one in our group who walked around looking at the artwork the students were working on. It made me want to be a teacher here.

I swear I do not remember ever going to the library which really makes me think I must be getting Alzheimer's for sure now. This new library had the coziest looking couch that made you just want to grab a book and curl up. There were masks displayed from the art department. One was made out of shells!

Lunch was not that great. I've had better. I don't mean to complain about everything but when you pay $14 a plate, you expect it to taste good. The alumni association consisting of much older people were there. One man gave a long, long speech. I was sqirming like an elementary school kid. My friend's daughter was telling her mom things that made them laugh so I knew they were talking about his long-windedness. Rhett was cracking funny ones with me like "Does he have an off button?" which made me choke on my sweet tea! My hygentist who was staring into her empty plate, showing no emotion said, "My God" under her breath. I had to laugh.

I did get to see a fellow classmate who is a very talented cartoon artist. He was asked by another classmate to draw something for the reunion. He drew a man and lady Blue Devil that is just too cute. It was blown up and put on a board and taken to each event. We all took pics of it. I introduced Rhett to him.

I was disappointed there were not a lot of people at this event as there were at the 20th reunion.

Later we were to meet with some of my smart friends at Deorio's where I have not been in years. We got 7" pizzas, but I could have ordered a 2nd one! We talked for a long time outside as the place was small and it was starting to get busy. We were not going to the $70 per person event at the Country Club.

It was a great reunion. It was great to see everyone again. Priceless. Would I do it again? Yes.

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Paulie said...

Glad you ahd a good time. I have never been to a reunion.