Wednesday, March 26, 2008

J is for...

Jack Frost is still with us here in the south. In the mornings it still feels like it is January. My first idea for a J word was a few of my favorite photos of my step-son Jason, but I did not search for them. Don wouldn't know where they were. Sorry. Jason and his family were here for Easter but I mostly took pictures of our son and the grand kids.

Then I remembered I had a previous post of the word JUST.


Just was the name of the sink at work which led me to write what I wrote previously here at:

Today I have reused the Just idea, but changed some of the wording.

Just be
Just because
Just breath.
Just be yourself.

As has become my custom on ABC Wednesday, I go through the the dictionary looking for J words that apply to me and my life. I wanted to show my joie de vivre. I have two ceramic jack-o-lanterns I keep on my desk year round because I like Halloween and pumpkins. Also I have a candy jar at my desk that someone donated to me. If Rhett had gotten a bag of jelly beans for Easter, I would have used those, but he did not get any of them this year.


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Last week I though I'd lost my journal but luckily I found it in a plastic bag instead of my BIG bag. Just call me "the Bag Lady". LOL I was even going to offer a reward to the person who found my journal. So I guess I should pay myself the $5.00 finder's fee. I am just so thankful I found it.

Hope you have a joyful day.

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dot said...

It's still cold here in the mornings but warming up a good bit also. Nice J post!

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Dot!

John said...

Nice post and choice for "J".

Anne-Berit said...

Lots of good Js:o)

DeeMom said...

AH Jack Frost how wonderful

Glad you found your Journal…

And Jason…Jelly Beans Good one,,, I remember what they taste like I have not allowed me to purchase hem for three years now Because I cannot stop with just a few,,,
jack-o-lanterns how awesome…

as for your prior post our prayers are sent forth

Neva said...

all good "J"S!

Ida said...

It feels like January here as well.
March is usually mild here, by the coast in the Western part of Norway.

Good ideas for J. Cute poem. JUST great! :)

RuneE said...

Lots of good Js. It feels like January at the moment around here to, so maybe I could get some consolation from eating some Jelly-beans and reading a Journal?

Lilli & Nevada said...

temperature here this morning was 17 degrees, wonder were spring is. Loved your J post,