Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Boot

Ever feel like giving someone The Boot?

I had my first negative comment on my blog that I let get to me; get my goat and touched a raw nerve for unknown reasons. I realize when we put ourselves out there on our blogs, we are leaving ourselves open for whatever may come our way. It is bad enough that we are exposing parts of ourselves we might not nornally expose with our art and could be rejected. I'd posted for Odd Shots Monday on Monday. I had put 3 photos in my post. I completely and honestly forgot that we are only supposed to post ONE photo in my excitement of having a series of odd shots with trees. I thought of it as a series and just ran with it. An honest mistake. After reading this person's comment, I got mad, got defensive and wrestled with it for awhile on the way home. In my defense I said it was my blog after all and I can post any way I please which I know was bit childish, but I don't really care. I did take the other 2 photos off despite the fact that I was feeling like a rebel with a cause wanting to leave them on there. Now I did not do this because of that person or what was said. I had abided by the one photo rule in all my previous posts for this endeavor. It is an exercise that is suppose to make us pick one. Then that person had the nerve to comment back about what I'd said about it being my blog which did not help matters.

I doodled at my desk pad. I did not over do. I cut out my doodle wanting to fit in on another doodle I'd started, but it didn't fit so I turned it around and saw it looked like a boot. Because of the reds in it, I immediately cut a 3x5 piece of paper to adhere it. Later I thought about something Leah at said on her blog at: http://www.creativeeveryday.com/ where you 'just think on something and let the images flow... and the outcome of your thoughts will appear on the page' as if by magic. Well, this is the 2nd time this has happened to me since reading Leah's words. The first time was in my India Ink Doodle of the Day post awhile back.

This took away my anger as if I had actually kicked that person with this boot and it made me feel good. LOL I could laugh about it. I sent the boot out as an email to all my friends. Most replied to my question at the top in bold with a firm resounding "YES!" They liked my boot as well. Only one person had trouble figuring it out it was a boot. So I guess I should thank that commentor for this inspiration especially since I haven't really been creating stuff; just taking photos and cutting out scraps; being a gatherer from way back as Leah so aptly put it in one of her more recent posts.

I discovered something new... that it you save your photo on your blog, then post your words the next day, it still gives yesterday's date on your post. Cool. What did you discover today?

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