Monday, March 3, 2008

My Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece.
Well, it is not entirely all mine. I could not have had it without Don's help and the good Lord above. I am so thankful for this masterpiece which is unfinished.
We were in a McDonald's in Eufaula on Saturday eating ice cream when I saw the frame just hanging there calling out to me. As Rhett was about to go outside to play, I told him to go around and stand behind it. I had to tell him to move over some to the right then I snapped it. It is kind of neat because there is another one just like it behind him. It also reminds me of the ones I snapped at Cowboys when he was "in jail" so I guess I have a sort of theme going here. All of my friends that I have showed it to on my camera have liked it. My friend Anne kidded me by asking if I meant the art or Rhett. I say both. But it will not be sold at an auction or anywhwere for that matter. There is not enough money in the world you could pay me for this one. It is priceless. And I am going to toot my own horn about it today because I am so proud of it!
I am also tooting my own horn about my last couple of posts I did as well as the photos I took and the fact that I got the link to show up!
If you too would like to toot your own horn today, please go to the following:
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Steph said...

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you come back soon. I will add your blog to my blog roll for future reading.

becky voyles said...

WOW! My day has been made by steph for adding me to her blog roll! Thanks so much Steph! She lives in Alexandria where my best friend Genie lives.

Leah said...

he's adorable! what a masterpiece! :-)

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Leah. I think he's adorable too!