Wednesday, March 5, 2008

G is for... Genie

Good Gravy! I had a great time looking for G words. I found a bright orange sign for a gun show to be held this month in Columbus, Georgia. I also saw signs for a gun show in Dothan this past weekend. I was behind a Growing Room bus for a local child care. I passed by several Guaranteed Catch signs for McDonald's double fish sandwiches. Then there was a big Old Glory flag flying proudly not to mention all the high gas high prices. Gee wiz after those G's, I had trouble finding anymore good G words but really I stopped looking for them because I knew I'd found only one perfect G word.
G is for... Genie who is my best friend. Genie and I have been friends for over 45 years. How many people can say that? It all begin in the cradle roll at church. Genie and I both attended all the same schools, elementary, jr high, high school and some college. Our parents were friends. Our fathers were in the same club, the Exchange Club. Genie and I even attended some of the same conventions from that club. Both Genie and I were only children. We had make believe friends. I had two, Mavis and Naval. I was always mean to Naval because of her name and she wasn't very pretty. I am sure a shrink would have a field day with this! Genie had an entire family. One of the member's name was Pansy. Genie says she can't recall the other's names now. Genie and I lived within walking distance of each other, just a block, a park, a high school and another block between us. Later we grow up to go a cruise together.
I was the outgoing girl whereas Genie never wanted to bring attention to herself. Even to this day Genie hates having her photograph taken which is why I have so few of her unless I sneak some in. I have a really good black & white one I took of her a few years ago. I know Genie would not want her photograph here and I respect her wishes BUT... this is a likeness of her. It is the lady that looks like Genie, not the angel. This lady is larger than Genie also. I seem to have a theme here of Renaissance women on my blog. This is the fourth one.
After Don and I got married, I came across these blank cards that reminded me so much of Genie that I had to buy them. I even bought Genie some of them too. If I remember correctly, I used one of them as my thank you card to her for our wedding gift she gave us. Genie wasn't as gleeful as I was about these cards. I thought they were so neat because they looked so much like Genie. I have always wanted to frame this card, but I never have. Instead it hangs on the mauve colored fabric wall of my open cubby at work along with other family photographs. Thus making Genie family.
Genie is the first one I call if I have a problem. It is always her sage advise I seek. Genie is the one I call crying incoherenlty on the phone late at night which I have not done in over eight years now. Does that mean I am a grown up now? I always feel better after talking to Genie.
Genie's cousin Penny is also my other best friend in the world. I think the good Lord did not give me sisters so I would feel like these two are mine. There is not anything I would not do for either of them and I know they feel the same way about me. Genie was my maid of honor at my wedding as I was one of her's at her wedding. Genie's daughter Jena was my flower girl.
Genie and I have always had a lot in common. Genie and I both married yankees which we said we would never do being southern bells from Georgia. One of Genie's favorite books and movies is "Gone with the Wind" as it is mine. Both Genie's last name and mine begins with V. We are still Georgia peaches even if she lives in Alexandria, Virginia., near George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon which we both love. We are true G. R. I. T. S. (Girls Raised in the South). our sons are Sons of G. R. I. T. S.'s. Rhett had a bib which said that when he was baby. Genie and I both love Barry Manilow and have seen him in concert.
If if had not been for Genie, I would not have become the world traveler that I am by going to visit her in all the grand places they were stationed at like Hawaii, Sacramento, etc.
In my Father's house are many mansions. I hope mine is in between Genie's and Penny's. If not, at least within walking distance or should I say flying distance?
I love you Genie. I don't know what I would have done without you at certain times of my life. I hope I never have to find out what life would be like without you.
love always... your friend Becky
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Anne-Berit said...

Thank you for shering this stories.A great G from you.Have a nice day:o)

Diana said...

lots of fun with G words! Even if Genie really doesn't look like the photo at the top - she sounds like a Great friend.

Katney said...

It is great to have such good friends.

Jan said...

What at great story about your friendship.

Dragonstar said...

Wonderful to have such a friend! Family isn't always as close as a true friend, and true friends are not easily come by. You have been blessed.

Ida said...

Lovely story about Genie. :)

Pernille's ting og tang said...

Thank you for the story. Wonderful G from you!! Have a nice day:)

Anonymous said...

This is a great post! Friendship is much important.

starnitesky said...

What a lot of Gs! I have enjoyed reading.