Monday, January 19, 2009

Journal Drawing


I began this drawing (in my journal my best friend Genie gave me for my birthday 2 years ago) this Friday night when Rhett and I went to eat at Loco's since Don and Jason, our oldest son were hunting. It all just came to me except the words I was going to use. I took the Scarlett O'Hara route knowing I could think of them tomorrow. We saw my obgyn there at Loco's. Before we left, we stopped by his table so I could show him Rhett. I told him he'd won a spelling bee and my doctor said, "Well, we got him out just in time, didn't we?" Rhett thought that was real funny.

Once at home after "Ghost Whisperer", I began the colorization process with colored pencils and markers. I over-did one of the nails a bit. I finished it Saturday night after I found the J stamp. I re-found a lot of rubber stamps I can use too.

This coming Saturday I am going to hold another art class with the kids at church providing my Uncle is still living. We are going to do a Valentine's theme since the following week after Valentine's Day we will have our Sweetheart's Dinner where we honor our elderly memembers as we did last year. We will have about 3 Saturdays to prepare for this. I know we won't have time to get things framed and I don't want to use cheap frames. I figure we can tie each piece with red yarn and string them across the newly erected walls of our new fellowship building without doing much damage. Or we could hang them by red velvet ribbons. Once the dinner is over with, we can take them and make a big collage for the center of one wall. So many possiblities...
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PERBS said...

Nice project -- have fun while giving to others!