Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Fall

Today has really been a day and a half. We had tornadoes approaching this morning but luckily and thankfully all our family is fine and untouched by it. Then I got a call from Margareet, a nice lady in the artist guild who also knows my Daddy. She called to tell me Daddy fell! She let me talk to him. I asked him if he was alright and he said he didn't know which really worried me. Margareet told me they were taking him to the hospital. She said she had tried to get my mom, but she didn't answer which I thought was really strange because she is ALWAYS there. Margareet said she'd call my mom to tell her which hospital he was going to when they found out which I thought was odd. Why didn't they already know? There are only three in town. We rushed to get dressed as it was Saturday and I was still in my pj's at noon. I called my mom on the way to her house and she said she was right there, but the phone had not rung. She said she'd get ready and was waiting for us by the time we pulled into the drive.

We went to the hospital's ER. A friend of Daddy's was in the waiting room lobby and Betty rode with Daddy in the ambulance so I was thankful for that small act of kindness that he wasn't alone. There was a sheriff's deputy behind the desk as we walked into the ER. He asked how old Rhett was and when I said his age, he said he couldn't come in! This brought back the memory of when another hospital wouldn't let Rhett see Uncle Frank when he was dying of cancer. I was mad but thankfully Don was there to stay with Rhett in the waiting room. It made me wonder what do moms do when there husband is in the ER and they have small children?

When we arrived in Daddy's room, he had one of those collars around his neck which was scarey to see. I approached him from the nearest side and mom went around on the other side which was his left, the one he fell on. He had cuts and lacerations above his eyebrow and just below it. His cheeck had several bloody spots. He fell head first and looked like he'd had a bloody nose as well as a bruised lip. He thinks he may have knocked one of his front teeth aloose. One lense of his glasses are cracked. He skinned his knee as well as that hand,arm and elbow. His fingertips on both hands are scraped. He asked me how bad he looked and I told him I had seen a lot worse, but then I watch too much "ER"! LOL

He first complained about his eyebrow hurting and his knee. They were going to do a cat scan of his head first after they cleaned his wounds. I went out to give my guys a report. When I returned, Margareet and her husband were there. They drove Daddy's car home and brought back the keys. I hugged her and told her she was an angel.

Parts of Daddy's clothes were damp from the fall so we went home to get him some dry clothes to wear home if he got to come home, get his SUV so we could all fit and it would be easier for him to get inside than the monster truck. When we got back to the hospital Daddy, was complaining about having trouble taking a breath and experiencing chest pains. He was worried that he'd broken a rib. They did an x-ray. Both that and the cat scan came back ok so they told him he could go home. Although this quick release worried us, we were just thankful there were no broken bones. I worried that he would get pnemonia from being in those smemi-wet clothes in a cold hospital room, but we will pray he won't get sick.

Please keep my Daddy in your prayers. He will look like he has been in a fight for awhile where the pavement won and will be extremely sore. He is not the best patient when it comes to pain. Thank you for your prayers.


PERBS said...

Well, I left three comments on yoru blogs. I hadn't been abck until tonight because the little gadget on my blog said you hadn't posted anythng until today. sigh

I hope your Dad will have a speedy recovery!

becky aka theRAV said...

I found your comments Paulie. I think all of them. Thanks for them as well as your well wishes for my Daddy.

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