Sunday, March 1, 2009





Yesterday we had tornado threats. Today we had snow! Then there was thunder during the snow. I was beginning to wonder if the world was coming to an end.

This was perhaps one of THE best days of my son's young life. He had his first snowball fight at church. There were two young brothers who came to church wearing short sleeved shirts who got out in the snow! One built a snowman, but had to come get a pair of gloves to wear in order to finish it.

The first photo is now one of my all time favorites. I took this from the windowed door of the church and I love it. I cropped it, straightened it and auto contrasted it in Picasa. At a quick glance of the prominent tree on the right, sort of reminds me of a cross with Christ's body hanging there.

We came home from church. Rhett had to make his first snowman. I have photos of that, but these are the best of the best of today. We got the stuff to take to my parent's house so I could cook lunch consisting of sloppy joes which I make with McCormick mix and Heinz ketchup only, corn, chips and pickles. My Daddy's eye was purple near the inside part of his nose which was expected. He seems to be doing okay considering his fall.

After lunch, Rhett rolled out another snowman at his grandparent's house. He pointed out to me that there was a heart shape formed on the grass which I thought was really neat. So his snowman was made with love. Awe. I gave him buttons to make his face then I took a photo of it.

Then the snow stopped falling. What stuck was now melting. Some of the Rhett's snowman's face fell off.

Two younger girls who live in the apartments across from my folks built one after Rhett erected his snowman. As we were going home, the girls were out there jumping up and down on the bottom part of their snowman. Rhett said he'd rather his melt than be hurt or destroyed like they were doing.

Once back home, Rhett's first snowman had fallen over so he had to rebuild it. He built a snow family while I took photos from our picture window where I was inside all nice and warm.
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PERBS said...

When I heard of all the places that got snow today I was excited for you and sad for me but I shouldn't have been sad. We had 18 days of snwo this winter, more than usual. It sounds liek your family really enjoyed it. Glad you got soem photos . I love the ones you used here.

becky aka theRAV said...

18-1.Talk about a long shot! LOL Yes, we enjoyed our rare treat. Thanks I am glad you like the ones I used here, Paulie.