Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Glasses

Yesterday I took Daddy to either get his glasses which were badly scratched during his recent fall, repaired or replaced. We went to LensCrafters because I had a new insurance card and I needed to get new lenses as well. I saved over $100 with it just for lense replacements. I now wear bifocals, but you can't tell so I don't feel quite so old now. Just a bit disappointed that no one can noticed, but may be that is a good thing. LOL I faired pretty well with them the rest of the evening. So far so good.

I saw one of my old JCP managers I had not seen in years because he moved to Little Rock to close a store and open a new one. There was a legal battle about the land and the new one could not be opened. When it came time for him to go to the new store, he wanted to take an early retirement. They would not let him retire! He knew other managers had done this so he had to get a lawyer. He is now retired and doing volunteer work but with the economy the way it is, he will have to get another job soon. He has been helping out at this church about four days a week. At first he and his family did not like Little Rock but now they like it and seem to be greatly involved in their church. I told him maybe that is where the Lord wants him to be.

He told us a touching story about how every Christmas he would call his first boss that hired him in the auto center. His boss is dead now, but he still calls his boss' wife every Christmas. I thought that was so neat. Rhett corrected me this morning when I was telling Don on the way to church that it as "touching not neat." Excuse me for using the wrong word!

Yesterday my car charger would not work for my cell phone. By the time we got through with getting our glasses, the library had closed so we couldn't return books. Alltel had closed so I couldn't pay the bill or check on my charger so we went on home where I cooked smoked sausage, "doctored up" sweet baked beans, sauerkraut and I even made a dessert. Shock. Don asked me what was wrong with me. I said I guess I was hungry.

It was a cheap dessert I get at Fred's Discount store. It's a sweet peach cobbler mix only I use the cheap can of strawberries they also stock. If I hit it on sale, it costs me $1.50 to buy and make it using my milk. Not bad. It didn't look pretty, but it was good. Don had two helpings of it so I guess it was good or else he figured he'd make the most of it since I rarely make desserts.

Our library books were over due. When I attempted to renew mine on line earlier, it didn't work. Yesterday I renewed Rhett's subscription to a game magazine so I guess this was a renewal weekend for us. LOL

We had a beautiful weekend. Got a really cool sunset shot yesterday on the the way home. Believe it or not, I almost started NOT to take it, but now I am so glad I did. It was jus your average everyday sunset, but once the shutter clicked, it became an ochre color! When I showed it to Rhett in the view, he went "WOW!" Magic. Love it when that happens. Hope you had a good weekend.

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