Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tatum's Twin



Yesterday I had to pick up prescription for my mom and get my parent's some groceries. I went to the nearest store close to their house. When I entered the store, something smelled amazing. I went back to the deli section to see what smelled so tempting. They had crab bisque soup. I asked if I might try a sample of it. The lady behind the counter all dressed in a white uniform handed me a small plastic container about the size of a serving of sour cream to go as it is sometimes served in nowdays. It was SO good that I had to buy some of it. It cost over $5 with taxes which is a lot for soup, but it was well worth every penny and every slurp! I could use some more if it today since it is dreary and turned off cooler again. I took it home to mom's. She didn't like the smell of it and only tasted one spoonful. I ate the whole thing it was so good!

We went to Applebee's to eat last night. When they butchered our last name when they called us for our table, I noticed this young girl behind me (the one in the 2nd photo) and thought it was our granddaughter Tatum (seen in the 1st picture). I started to put my arm around her when I saw her move away from me. I noticed her eyes were puffy, knowing something was a bit off. I asked, "Tatum?" She shook her head that she wasn't her. I told her she looked just like my granddaughter. Even Don thought so too. Rhett said she was too short. The girl was even with a girl that looked like one of Tatum's friends.

I couldn't get over the resemblance as we sat down at our table. I tried to call Elisa to tell her about Tatum's twin, but she wasn't home.

We did knock-knock jokes. Rhett did one where he went:
"Knock. Knock."
"Who's there?"
"I'm bored"
I said, "So am I!"
We did this several times where I repeated the same line and I competely forgot the rules of a knock-knock joke. It was funny and I was crying laughing. Best laugh I have had in awhile.

I still couldn't stop thinking about Tatum's twin so I asked Don if he thought her mother would mind if I took her picture. I began looking through an older memory card and found the pics from Halloween so I could show the lady how much our granddaughter looked like her daughter. I went over to their table which was near our's, but the girl had her back to us. Probably a good thing because I would have been staring at her. I am not sure if she was even the girl's mother because her hair color was different. She saw the resemblance in them. I showed my photo to the girl. I asked her mother's permission if I could take her picture to show my granddaugter and she said I could. She was dialing a number on her cell phone. I was hoping she wasn't calling the police on me! LOL The girl smiled for me and I told her she had a twin! I thanked her and sat back down with my guys.

Back at our table, I saw Stephanie coming towards us, but she was meeting friends that were in the booth behind us. She sat down with us for a few minutes and I told her about Tatum's twin then showed her the picture. She laughed.

I missed "Ghost Whisperer". As we were about to leave, we were telling Steph and her friends bye so we forgot the remainder of Don & Rhett's riblets. Once at the truck we discovered them missing. I jumped out and ran back inside to see if they were still on our table. It was being wiped as I walked up to it. The waiter came back over and said he'd just thrown them away. Don was madder than me. It was like throwing money away in these hard times.

Once at home, I talked to Lisa about what happened. She said there was another girl on another softball team at Tatum's kick-off last night that looked a lot like her. Lisa asked if this girl had a uniform which she did not unless she changed before going to Applebee's.

I drew a heart on my handbag last night. Didn't feel like uploading pictures.

I had a dream last night.... I dreamed I was throwing a party in a small room in a hotel. It had turquoise walls, straight black painted chairs and white table cloths. It felt modern to me whereas my dream interpreter, my friend Anne thought it was retro, meaning the past. I was late to my own party. Most everyone had eaten. I was wondering if there was any food left. I saw my friend David playing charades which was surprising to me. David is not one to draw attention to himself in a large gathering. Unless he was me in the dream! LOL I went into the huge industrial sized kitchen with it's gleaming metal appliances. Luckily there was a piece of chicken and one small ear of corn. I took my plate back into the room where the party was going on to eat at David's table and watch him play charades.

I know I had this dream because of what transpired the night before.

Anne, thought there was "more" in the past. That I was concerned with what was left. A concern that there is not as much as in the past perhaps? The kitchen was impersonal and represented the future; more stark than in the past. I was still able to obtain things, just not as much as in the past. She thought David was there to cheer me up. She said, "Maybe you are surprised that the past may appear better than the future does right now." She was surprised half of American had not had this dream in some way.Maybe my friend David is going to surprise me!
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