Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Havana, My Handbag and the Hulk




I began thinking of what to use for my H word on Tuesday morning on my way to work. It was foggy, but I took pictures in spite of the fog. I noticed how some vehicles were in such a hurry, almost hitting me. How could I photograph hurrying cars? Unless I had a special camera at the Indy 500, I knew I could not capture it. The rushing cars would be at a standsill due to the shutter speed.

Husband? I had no new pictures of him. He gave me a scare yesterday because he called me from his dr's office. He had had chest pains earlier so tests were run. They concluded it was the cup of coffee with cream he drank and no food. He had not had coffee in a while. The cream triggered his gall bladder. He was to have a stress test this morning and survived it. His blood pressure was slightly elevated afterwards. He was given a free breakfast then more xrays were taken to see what his gall bladder was doing. A new year. A new deductible.

While worrying about him, I thought again of my foggy photos I took earlier and came up with the title "How Foggy Was It?" but hexed the idea because it wasn't that great. These H's were not personalized enough for me.

I wasn't very hungry at lunch hour. I was tired of Mickey D's grilled chicken wraps. I wanted something different. Be careful what you wish for... I guess I had a wild hair because I went to a small Cuban place near work to try a real cuban sandwich. I'd never had one before yesterday and won't be having one again! The inside of La Cocina was very colorful as the Cuban music played reminding me of Ricky Ricardo's band. As you entered, it had one of those huge chef statues I love to photograph so naturally I did. Just his face because he stood sideways in the small doorway making it ackward. I had to wait until some departing patrons left first before I could get his close-up. Today I named him Chef Hugo from Havana. He will appear on the blog later...

I sat back down to wait for my cuban which seemed to take too long in my book. Then I noticed the many colorful paintings. One of them had the word "Havana" on it for Cuban cigars so I knew I had my very original H shot. I know I must have looked like a crazy tourista to the two guys eating there.

I left happy but the cuban wasn't to my picky liking. I ate half of it and all my chips knowing I'd proabably take the rest of it home to Don. Luckily I'd bought Rhett a York peppermint patty the day before, but put it in my purse so it wouldn't melt since it has become warmer than springtime here. I almost took a pic of the half eaten patty, but I refrained. I'll have to buy Rhett another one now.

Currently I am working on drawings on my beige canvas handbag I bought for $2.00! I had noticed it had some smudges, but because it is trimmed in brown leather with leather straps, it cannot be tossed into the washer. Earlier in the week I had asked Rhett if he wanted to draw his graffiti on it and he said he would like to do that. Another mother/son art project. I got a head start on him yesterday because I ordered some paint markers for an officer at work. Of course I just had to test them out so I made a few designs on my handbag. It now has some uncolored eyes on the back so far. I thought it would appear to the person behind me that they are being watched, but the eyes are turned toward me. I thought it might deter a handbag thief. Rhett says they look like Dr. Seus eyes which I agreed. Paris Hilton, move over! LOL

Then I remembered I had some new Hulk photos I took on Monday, but this one is from back in January when I first discovered him at a new game store. I have a photo of me standing next to the Hulk, but it is not that great. My friend Abby says I need to take a photo with my hand on his chest. I wasn't having a good hair day so I have not taken that shot yet. When I do have a good hair day, I won't be near the place or him!

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