Monday, March 30, 2009

What Made Your Day?

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"Take Stock" postcard copyright ~theRAV~

It was kind of a boring weekend for us with the heavy rains we received. Don has been cleaning out the back room so there is no telling what he has thrown away! Saturday we did a little lite spring cleaning. I went thru a bunch of stuff. I found old pictures from my JCPenney's days back in 1987 where I was a skinny young thing. Don said I looked anerexic in one photo where my hair was dark. There were two pics from my friend Elise's wedding, some Easter die cuts which was timely, and a Mickey Mouse ear stamp, etc. Don liked the way my hair looked when I kept Elise's book for her wedding. It was frosted white much like it is naturally now. It had rained that day and I was on the porch of the CFA so my hair fell, but it fell just right according to Don. Then I had some where I was taking pictures of myself with my old Minolta camera, mainly the top of my head showing that hairstyle. Don asked why I don't wear my hair like that? I told him I'd had it done at the beauty shop. He told me to go have it done like that again! MEN! Gotta live with 'em, gotta love 'em.

He moved my drawing table into the living room in front of the big bay window which will get plenty of light. Was this a hint for me to create more art? He turned it the wrong way, but I can pull it out and have my back to the window. The overhead lighting is good for the nighttime. I will use a bar stool to sit on rather than drag the chair that came with the table from the computer into the living room because I can't afford to buy a new one! The drawing table is next to his safes so I think he will be using it too! LOL I was smart enough to buy the biggest piece of illustration board I could find to cover the majority of the drawing table when I'm working messily so it doesn't mar the table itself.

We do not need to buy any more Christmas gift tags for the next 20 years! We have whole lot of left over Christmas cards also. I have a Jason's Deli big brown bag full of stuff like this. At least I know where it all is located now. It has some Christmas ribbons in it as well. I am a ribbon poor person.

I went thru some old Christmas ornaments and have half a sack full of them for a future yard sale we hope to have soon... and hopefully make lots of much needed money which may just be wishful thinking on my part!

I asked Don to go to the Eufaula Pilgrimage tour where there will be an art show. I couldn't afford the entry $75 fee so sadly I am not entered in it. I thought it would be neat to get away for a day and just do something different. He wanted to check out the pawn shops over there for his stolen hunting stuff so he may drop Rhett & I off at the art show while he does his thing. So much for togetherness. LOL If Don wasn't going with me, I was going to ask a friend to go with us.

Then they announced a work day at church prior to a wedding shower this Saturday. Of course Don made me mad and re-nigged on going, but then said he could work at the church earlier in this week instead. Gotta love the man. It is one of those times I wish I could be two people and do both the art show and the shower at the same time, but I really, really, really want to go to this art show. Did I mention I want to go to the art show? Our anniversary is this month and I thought this would be a small inexpensive way of celebrating it except for the gas part. My friend Cheryl suggested a place to eat in Georgetown. I am hoping I won't run into relatives I don't claim. Unless my crazy cuz wants me to take their cd's from Uncle Frank's funeral to them. I will do that just for him. But if it rains, I will know which one the Lord really wants me to do.... If it rains, we stay home. He works at the church. I go to the shower and enjoy that fellowhip. Of course I could have taken Friday off so we could go to the art show, but Rhett has school and that would require Daddy picking him up. I try not to ask that of Daddy lately.

Due to the downpour of rain, I did not take many pictures this weekend except for 3; one silly one of Rhett. Shocking for me I know!

We went to Elisa & Nate's for the 1st time since Christmas on Sunday afternoon. They have a pool installed now. It was really windy making my left eye pour water then the other one started a downpouring of tears. You would have thought I was crying as I was telling Elisa what we were going to do for our 15th annivesary. Rhett got cold also and asked if we could go inside. Rhett and our granddaughters played on their Wii. So Rhett wants that for his birthday AGAIN! Tatum made a profile for me for their Wii. I was dictating how I wanted my image to look. I asked what something was down at the bottom of the screen. It was wrinkles! Tatum put them on my supposed image on their big tv screen. I was telling her to take them off right now! Everyone was laughing so hard, Tatum was literally falling on the floor laughing. I told her if she didn't take them off, I'd spank her. I was glad everyone had a good laugh on me.

Later I added a free cleaner to the computer Sunday night. Uploaded Pop-It so Rhett and I played that far longer than we should have played last night. All my electronic gadgets needed charging last night before bed. I was running on empty.

My folks got another call from Aunt Va's security alarm. My cuz Robbie has stayed with her since her pace maker implantation. He went to his friend's house for a little awhile. Everytime he leaves her, she makes the alarm go off on purpose so it will call Daddy, call us, so we'll call Robbie and she thinks he will come home to stay with her. He told me this today on the phone. So we have to deal with this situation now.

I haven't created much art except for this one piece; a postcard where I went outside my comfort zone where the colors where concerned which is probably a good thing. I have never been a fan of pea green but this one worked. I have taken some really good pictures over the last two weeks if I say so myself. I should be content, should I? I have a new idea about shadowing in photos that was brought to my attention yesterday, but haven't found anything worth taking a photo with shadows yet. Ironically I'd taken a shadow shot last week. So I guess I will get into the shadows now. LOL

I just realized this piece of art was a pre-cognitive piece of what was to come during the weekend. How cool was that? My art sort of predicted what I would do!

I'd inquired about a photography class at the Britt David studio via email on Friday. They called me today to set me up for the 2 hour class. It costs $20, but it sound SO cool. I can bring in objects that have holes in them such as jewelry, trinkets, etc. I already have a few thngs in mind... and will be gathering more items this week. These will be placed on photographic paper and exposed making a negative image. I forgot what the term is called. I am so excited about it and cannot wait til Thursday evening for this class! It doesn't take much for me. It made my day. What made your day today?


PERBS said...

How about a strainer or a piece of netting or a plastic basket or a phone cord or . . . ?

What made my day> I took a long walk down to the train station because I have a "Flat Stanley" visiting me. After the train left, I walked around the old neighborhood with some historic homes.

Then I caught a bus and remembered this was the bus I need to get me to the spot where I will begin my walk to Vancouver Lake this summer -- jsut 15 miles round trip and add two/4 more if I walk on Frenchman's bar beach.

The bus got to end of the line and turned around and became another route. I rode that to the trailhead that goes through a large park, walked that and also walked an area that was a different trail and not paved. Then I caught the bus home and now am going to look at all my new photos because where I go, so does my camera! Just wanted to eat a bite and so I am eating and using computer to visit a few internet friends.

I also left a comment on odd shots.

becky aka theRAV said...

WOW! You made me tired just reading how much you walked, Paulie! LOL Sounds like fun and good for you too. I had another idea today that will be another post later...