Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Thankful Thursday List

On last Friday, I had some of the best soup I have had in awhile... crab bisque soup so I am extremely thankful for that.

I am thankful for our friend Helen who gave us free tickets to the play which I wrote about in a previous post. Bless you Helen especially since Don still has not found a job.

I am NOT thankful for what occured on St. Patrick's Day! It was just not a good day or night for me. I know they all can't be perfect nor can people be either. But I am thankful for all the wonderful support I received from my friends about this. I am thankful for the people that are on my side.

I am thankful for my best friend Genie who reminded me that Don loves me.

I am thankful I saw another old JCP co-worker yesterday who has gone through a long divorce. I knew from the breakfast before last but she shared with me when talked. Everyone has a burden to bear. We just may not always know what someone's burden is they are dealing with.

I am thankful for the good meal I had today from the food Nazi at the Royal Cafe. One of the ladies that picked up our dinners had a run in with a server there today over pepper sauce!

I am thankful I got my 3rd new my car phone charger to work!

I am thankful for my new raven stamp that I used a lot the end of last week, this week and especially today.

I am thankful for the photographs I have taken this week including two unexpected ones of my cousin Robbie. I also am thankful for Rhett's idea he came up with on his Nintendo DS last night which he had me take a picture of. I loved his artwork. It even had a heart in it. I am so proud of him and the fact that he is following in my footsteps in regard to art. So cool. I need to tell him this since he thought I did not want to get up and get my camera while Lost was on tv. But I will upload the photos and send them out to family and friends this weekend.

Okay Paulie... Since you can't wait, I will tell you what my Odd Shot Monday photo was.... it was a glass vase snapped at Hobby Lobby. I zoomed in on it without a flash. Happy now? Didn't want you to stop visting my blogs since some days you are my only commentor. Thanks for your curiosity and interest, Paulie.

If you are thankful and would like to participate in Thankful Thursday now hosted by Lynn at the following...

I don't think I quite followed her guidelines today of how Jesus has set me free, but then I always dance to a different beat; I don't always follow the rules. I tend to make up my own as I go. I almost started not to post today because I didn't think I was worthy again or thankful enough. So I began counting my blessings of the week and found I had even more than knew. Then I decided I really did need to do this to show my blessings far out weigh the negative things that occurred in my life this week. So I am thankful for that small blessing.

My Aunt Va will have a pace maker put in tomorrow so please keep her in your prayers.


Denise said...

I love your sweet blessings.

Angela said...

I just finished my second thankful post. Like you, I went with my own drum beat with the first one..LOL....totally connected with your thankful thursday. Thank YOU for sharing.

PERBS said...

Thank you -- I could tell it was some kind of reflection. Guess close ups of many thincs will give you odd shots. Good one!

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Denise! I am glad you love my sweet blessings. Angela, it is nice to know there are others like me who go with their own drum beat. Thank YOU for stopping by & commenting. I'll check your's out.
You are welcome, Paulie. LOL Thanks. Guess you are happy now. LOL