Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Adventures Of Huck Finn

Our dear friend Helen kindly sent us three free tickets to see a play at the Springer Opera House of Mark Twain's Big River, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the musical. We had been looking forward to seeing it since receiving the tickets a couple of weeks ago. This was the first time Rhett had been to the Springer. Upon walking in the doors, I was asking other usherettes where might Helen be located. We found her and she pointed out where our seats where and they were good ones. Rhett wanted to sit in seat #13, but later I traded seats with him so he could see the play better.

While waiting for the play to begin, I reminded Rhett that the Springer is supposed to be haunted. He said he wasn't afraid because he is a man. So remember this statement.

The play was very, very good. It was funny too. We have some extremely talented actors and singers in Columbus. One of my high school choral directors was in the play. Don even wore his game ear so he could hear! I was glad I dressed warmly because it was chilly inside. I wondered if it was the Springer ghost! LOL

There was an intermission so Rhett and I talked to Helen almost the intire intermission instead of me going to the restrooms. The men's had a sign that said, "Gentlemen" which Rhett and I saw earlier because he had to go before it began. I told Don about the sign. He said, "I can't go now." I asked "Why? Because you aren't a gentleman?" LOL No, he stayed with our umbrellas and seats.

We missed church and felt bad, but it's not everyday you get free tickets to a an excellent play which had a lesson in it.

When the main characters of Jim and Huck came out and the end of the play, they received a standing ovation. After it was over I asked one of the usherettes if I might speak to one of the actors since I knew him, but was told they didn't allow anyone backstage. Years ago, I had been back there to see my friend Mike was in a production "A Christmas Carol". I was on a date at the time with a guy I didn't really care for, knowing we wouldn't work, but my date had suggested we go backstage.

My guys and I looked at the pictures in the hallway while waiting for the actors to come out, but I guess my groupie days are over now. Don was ready to leave. Rhett wanted to go upstairs where the balcony seats were located as well as the opera seats. I loved the decor. From the balcony seats you could see that the orchestra pit is underneath the stage. I wondered where the music came from. Rhett has a fear of heights so he wouldn't leave the doorway to come have a look. Remember he said he was a man earlier. LOL

It was hot outside due to the ending rain and I came out of my jacket. We got milkshakes afterwards. So it was another good Sunday for us.

I took a few photos. One of the banner of the play before it began but it was blurry. I also snapped a shot of Helen standing against a door but she was too far away even with zoom and turned out grainy. They didn't upload right either so I deleted them.

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