Friday, March 20, 2009

Sky Watch Friday 3/21/09

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I have taken SO many sky pictures this entire week. I took several sequences of sunsets so I have more golden ones, but not as good as my last Sky Watch photo of the ochre sunset. Sometimes it is just hard to top yourself. This one was taken on my way to work not far from our house. I love the tree on the right this time of year when it looks like sticks sticking out before it begins to bloom. It is beginning to bloom right now which is a beautiful sight to behold. There is usually a good bit of traffic so it is hard to photograph without getting honked at and the street is too busy to pull up beside it. I could park in the church parking lot across the street and take it from there. Maybe I will try that this weekend... I was just lucky that morning I snapped it. I liked what the clouds were doing in the sky. You probably thought it was a sunset instead of a sunrise, didn't you? I could have lightened it up more, but I prefer it this way. I think I prefer my photos darker for some reason. Just as I like dark toast, dark hashbrowns, dark pie crusts, etc. To me it is not done until it is dark. LOL

All of Don's tests came out clear. He won't be having gall bladder surgery unless he starts having more frequent episodes. The doc said he will live to be 100 if he starts walking two miles a day and I cook good for him. I think Don added the later. LOL My Aunt Va went through her pace maker insertion surgery fine.

Hope you have a great Sky Watch weekend as well as a Sky Watch week as I did. If you would like to participate in Sky Watch Friday, please go to the following...


Carver said...

That's a beautiful sky you shot.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks, Carver. I appreciate it very much.