Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday 3/5/09

Today I am so very thankful my Daddy did not break any bones when he took a bad fall last Saturday. Please see my previous post entitled "The Fall". He still looks bad because his face looks so pitiful as if he has been in a fight or a wreck. Thankfully he is better. My mom and I have been taking really good care of him. My husband has been helping out also so I am thankful for his help.

We are thankful to Betty who rode with Daddy in the ambulance so he wouldn't be alone. We are thankful to my new friend in my artist guild, Margareet who called me to let me know Daddy had fallen and let me talk to him on her cell phone. Thank goodness for cell phones too. These two ladies are angels.

We are also so very thankful I could get some medical supplies at my work such as gauze, tape, bandages, tylenol, peroxide, etc. That saved my parents money which is a good thing when you get elderly. As we were changing Daddy's arm on Monday evening, I realized my mom and I could have been nurses. Of course my mom is far better at it than I am. I told the lady who gave the supplies that she was a godsend.

I know this is a small thing, but it is always the little things that mean a lot to me... I am thankful for the good day I had yesterday. I am thankful for the inspiration from my poetry muse who visited me once again. Its nice to know I stil have a muse and I still "have it".

I am thankful my hair behaved a little bit better this week after using a different shampoo. I forgot the name of it, but I will mention it again later on my blog. I think it is one of those fruitrese things in the green bottle only this was a sample size that wasn't too expensive so I tried it. It is a de-frizzer. I think all women appreciate it when we have a good hair day. LOL I was beginning to think I need to go on HRT!

I am thankful for all our snow pictures I have taken. I am thankful for my friend Cheryl's ideas of photographing the final stages of our snow family's life much like any life even if Rhett rolled his eyes when I told him about it yesterday evening. He checked again from his bedroom window this morning to see if their white blobs were still there and they were. I snapped two shots before going to work. It should prove interesting in the scrapbook.

I am thankful for our dear friend Helen who unexpectedly sent us free tickets to a local play. She will be ushering at the Springer Opera House the day of show so we will be lucky enough to get to see her. Must remember to call her and thank her. Never forget to say thank you.

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Denise said...

Praise God for taking care of your dad sweetie.

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, Denise, praise God. Thanks for stopping by & commenting.