Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Different Kind of Day

Today has been a different kind of day from yesterday. I still have my honking fever blister although the fever has finally gone out of it. I am wondering if my Angeline Jolie lips will be a permanent fixture on my face? LOL

Although I lost at Book Worm, I managed to get my 3rd highest score with a larger sized best word. I wasn't having a bad hair day until later. Then it seemed nothing went right.

I'd learned you could eat cheaply at the nursing home up the street from work. This is where my friend Mike E's mom is staying while her broken hip is healing. I went up there today. I ran over a curb. The food was not ready. They were serving something else entirely from the menu I was given. It was not something I wanted. I didn't know how long it would take them to make a burger & fries so I had to leave to rush to McDonald's. I am doing 55 mph in a 50 when I am passed by a silver mustang! The tea I got wasn't as sweet as I bragged Mickey D's having the best tea yesterday. My meal was just ok and I know I should be thankful I had something to eat. I know I shouldn't complain. It was the 1st sandwich I have had in over a week due to my lip. I dropped papers all over the floor. I said I was having a bad day and was told I needed to turn it around. But how? How else? With prayer of course. It reminded me of Rhett's favorite children's book "Grover's Bad Awful Day". I was having a Grover Bad Awful Day.

Then as I was typing this, I was going to see what my large sized best word on Book Worm was when I deleted myself from the game yet again! I did that a few weeks ago. I had another game started. My first word was a long word... scattered. My score wasn't high or anything to brag about, but it was mine and I was happy with it; proud of it. It is lost now forever in cyberspace, but I still have my high scores locked in the game until I beat them. I was able to re-add my name without Rhett's help. I know this is minor compared to the world's problems. I know I shouldn't ask "Why me?"over something as inconsequential this small stuff. But I am not going to focus on the negative. I am going to focus on the positive. I am going to have a better afternnoon.

I am not particularly fond of this time of year because.... I have to fuss with folks over their time. People do not pay attention to their check stubs then ask me why I have taken time away from them now when I took it months and months ago. Some days it just kills me. I get defensive when questioned, but have paperwork to back me up yet I feel like people still think I did something incorrectly. Then you know you have another person going behind you in the system to check to see if you are just talking or lying; to see if you made a mistake; to see if they can prove you wrong. I do not do this to others. Today it gave me a headache. Some times it is hard being the keeper of time. If only I were really that and had all the time in the world in my hands. I could live forever like a vampire, but without having to drink blood! LOL I am thankful I can make myself laugh and cheer myself up.

The rest of the afternoon was stressful, meeting a dealine in the nick of time, being the only one answering the phone. I wasn't a happy camper and my mood showed.

I have received some really good emails lately. Today I got a good one about Christmas which I passed on.

Going to pick up Rhett's pumpkin mug.

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