Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What My Day Was About....

Yesterday was about pictures sent from an excellent photography friend who shared his works with me. Darryl had an excellent photo of peppers. I sent it to my home computer and it somehow gave the background a neat watercolor effect. So cool.

I'd seen a church sign about character. Without character, you have nothing. That is so true. If I didn't have my character, I would not be me... the one and only. The funny person who always makes people laugh. Rhett seems to have inheirited this trait from me. I'd let him read an old email about how Walmart picked their greeters. 3 men were applying. Bubba was one of them. We went to Walmart after church. A lady was the greeter. She was missing a tooth. Rhett sort of mumbled, "She doesn't look like a Bubba!" I cracked up so loud my laugh echoed. He's a character like me. I am so glad we have our characters. In fact, he was trying to talk like "The Terminator" this morning. I replied back in kind as I bent over to pick up my bag. It sounded really good. I told him and he agreed with me. That will probably never happen again.

Today was about trying to feel better from my cold and big ole honking fever blister Don gave me. It is one of the worst I have had since my bad sunburn back in the 80's. I have an Angelina Jolie upper lip! Today was about decisions of whether to say:

"Happy Fall Ya'll!
Remember to recycle
Happy Thanksgiving!
Be thankful
Be Blessed
Count your blessings
Be creative"
or say nothing at all.
I said nothing at all on inter-office envelopes.

I did take 3 radom photos today so far.

I had a free lunch that did not require getting out in the rain or using gas.

While my cuz was here from Idaho, before he left, we went to the Ga welcome center. While he was looking for places for birding, I picked up lots of pamplets for collages. Lance even said I was going to use them for that purpose! Even he knows me too well! LOL One of the pamplets I picked up was about Ga artists. Although I haven't read it entirely, I skimmed over one lady artist's short bio. She is a member of the colored pencil society. Didn't even know there was such a thing! When I told Don last night, he asked, "Isn't that racist?" LOL

I briefly checked out their website...

Of course it costs to be a member, but maybe one day.... I can become a member of this one too. There are no Bristow's or Voyles among them - yet. Thought you might want to check out some of the pencil art. Very realistic.

I also checked out another colored pencilist's site.... and found one I really liked...


I did something new today at work work wise which was a fun challenge.

Thank you Dancing Mermaid and Katelen for visiting my blog and commenting.

My friend Cheryl is going to send me a piece of artwork she created for just me for the art exchange. I am so excited. I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I can hardly wait.

Gotta to get corn meal for Aunt Pearl. PTA tonight. I will probably pick up Rhett's pumpkin mug he made this week. He has been bugging me about it. I got the email that it is ready. The lady that helped him is having an art show Thursday in the Corn Art Building which I have never bee inside. Should be fun.

I hope you have had a good day filled with character or characters. At least the good kind. I hope you had some randomness and blessings today along with some creativity and art. Hopefully I have provided a new source of inspiration for you.


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