Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Wedding Crashers

I am thankful we had a nice, safe 4th of July trip to Don's home in Salem, IN. Before we left, Don's Dad called to say Don's mom had a nose bleed & he had taken her to the hospital where she would be til Monday. He wanted to know if we wanted to change our plans. I knew Don would be more determined than ever to go especially since his mom had fallen prior to this and hit her head. Later his father called back to say she was able to come back home which made us all feel better.

We arrived in the wee hours of the morning. I woke up late. Imagine my surprise when I saw Don's mom on the couch... She looked so bad; so pale and in so much pain. The only way she could get her back comfortable to was to lean over on several pillows on the couch. It didn't look comfortable at all. She really scared me. I know it did Don as well. She didn't eat much either. I was worried that she sat there all day without going to the bathroom and she usually goes a lot like me! LOL

Late Saturday evening was a 2nd cousin's wedding which we crashed! Our first wedding crash. Not that anyone minded. His mom and other cousins said it was fine including the mother of the groom which is our relative. It was an outdoor wedding and we sat facing the sun! I wore a long dress. During the ceremony, I leaned over to Don and whispered, "I am glistening with sweat." I could have been a Cullen! LOL Even my legs were sweating. I know southern women are not supposed to sweat. They perspire. Well, I sweat!

I loved the bridesmaids attire. They wore deep coral strapless short dresses with a scattering of rhinestones on the bodice and THE cutest silver sandal flip flops with rhinestones across them. I so wanted to take a pic of all their feet, but alas I did not. I guess the heat must have gotten to me.

We were thankful to be inside the in the oh so cool air conditioning while they wedding party took photos outside. Although I was wearing a sleeveless dress, I never complained about being cold for once. Not like I do at our church.

The father of the bride had an announcement. When his daughter Melia told him they were getting married, he told her he wanted to wear a top hat & tails. She told him no. So while she was still outside, he passed out imitation top hats for everyone. I thought they were just for the guys. I am not really a hat person so I did not take one. That way someone else could have mine to wear. However I did take pics of all the men at our table; our family in top hats. Just call us the Lincolns! Another once in a lifetime moment in our lives captured forever on a memory card. Others in turn got Melia's expression and comment when she entered the reception. She said, "They all have on hats!"

Good chicken salad sandwiches were served. I love a good chicken salad sandwich in case you don't know that fact about me. Grandpa didn't stay throughout the entire reception. He went on back home to grandma. We left about 10 and went to Jason's for about an hour. It was amazing riding through fields full of fireflies then seeing some fireworks going off in the distance.

We went to church for some good sermons the next day, came hom and had pizza. I drew a little later in my journal. I was inspired by roses on a box of Klenex and napped. Mostly brown roses. Then back to church for evening services then to another 2nd cousin's for a 4th of July evening picnic and fireworks. I so enjoyed talking to cousin Debbie about various VBS. Then Helen's neighbor was there and sat with us. Enjoyed talking with Rachel. Then Mary Jo showed up. She was the groom's mom. Then it was time for the fireworks. Christopher always does such a great job on them. My pics even turned out. Well, they appear to have turned out on the camera. I haven't had time to upload them yet. That is my Sunday nite ritual.

Jason gave me a gift his wife, my DIL Kristina made for me. It was a simple black framed mirror which has my initials on it. It has "the" in small red letters at the top. Then "RAV" in a fancy red font at the bottom. I think she used a Criket. She placed a red flower on each corner. It is so cool! I told him to tell her she is the best DIL I have ever had!

I didn't take as many pics. Only 66 which is sort of unusual for me. I took mostly family this time although I do have some nature shots taken at Alan's house on the 5th before the Pekin parade. It is the longest running 4th of July parade. Of course as soon as we arrived at the parade, I had to go pee! It is a holiday. The 1st store was closed. I asked a cop where I might find a restroom. He said something about a park who knew where. I started walking. One cafe was closed. Next was a biker bar. I thought I saw Yvonne's husband out front but I wasn't going to go up to him and ask if he was Kevin for fear it wasn't him. Then they guy might have thought I was trying to pick him up! I go inside the biker bar. I had to show my id in order to just pee! When I returned to where we were all sitting for the parade, I told them this. A cute older lady said she'd love it if they asked for her id!

Jason handed Don pics of Shelby and Austin and something else. I did not find out til later that it was a necklace for me. It is a bottle cap with this fancy saying... "Forget Princess. I'd rather be a vampire". It was all red, white and blue. I loved it. Kristina so gets me. She gets me the neatest stuff. Once we got back to the house and I was cooled off, I put it on and wore it home.

I really did not want to go to the parade on the day we were leaving. I'd rather just came on home but Don really wanted to go. I did enjoy it and spending time with family. Got a few more pics in too. Coming home was a much better trip. Always glad to get back home safe and sound. We were thankful for this blessing.

We were thankful my cousin Patsy from Louisiana was able to call my mom & wish her a happy birthday. Patsy had a heart attack or a stroke. She had to have surgery requiring a stint but they forgot to put the stint in and had to go back in! She thinks her mom is still alive. So to have her call, was like a small miracle. Please keep Patsy in your prayers as well as Don's mom, Helen. I have another very special prayer request to ask of you.... please pray that our family members stay together in wedlock. Thanks so much for these prayers.

Had a semi difficult morning. Couldn't get the store to go through as I did not have the other co-worker's password. I let this get to me. I was literally shaking anticipating Illy's remarks and others but I was told to calm down. It is not my fault. It is just everytime it is my time to run store, everything goes wrong. Someone even said sabotage. I am calmer now.

I am thankful for the watermelon I had a mom's yesterday. We got a free one at work today too! The blessings keep coming. May they continue.... It you would like to share your blessings and thankfulness, please go to the following....


Denise said...

I love you, and your thankful heart.

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Back at ya Denise!