Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Uncaptured Dragonfly

Today I came upon a black and white dragonfly
I couldn't capture
on film.
I saw black birds on a wire
I got 3 errands done on a lunch hour,
lunch, 5 bags of potato sticks, grape juice
and back to work on time
with minutes to spare
and my day is not over with yet.
I did 2 good deeds
One was questioned
so I said,
"Never again"
but you know I will.
Trying my best to be nicer to folks
especially the working class;
those that help me,
Not everything goes right in my life
or according to my plans,
but today was a good day.
I am not stressed as I was Saturday.
I am just letting things be
I will be seeing both my best friends this weekend
and family.
I will be stressed on Thursday!
But Thursday is another day
and like Scarlett O'Hara,
I will think of that tomorrow.
This weekend will be like Christmas in July for me
One busy moment of a lifetime followed by another
time well spent with friends and family.
I'll catch dragonflies another day.

Becky Voyles


Dragonstar said...

Thank you for pointing me to this Becky. I've never seen a black and white dragonfly - it must have been something quite special. The important thing is that you saw it, and it inspired you. Wonderful!

becky aka theRAV said...

I'd never seen one either. Yes, it was something quite special. I actually captured it on my camera the next day. I'll post the pic soon I promise. Yes, it is important I saw it & it inspired me. Thanks for stopping by & commenting. Good to "hear" from you from across the pond again.