Saturday, July 10, 2010

My First Market Day

Well, it is official. I paid the fees to do Market Days thru Nov! Talk about incentive! I went on in my car to find the man in charge and see where to set up. Don was bringing all my stuff in the truck a little bit later.

I was placed at the end of Broadway near the River Center next to a lady sellling blueberries. So everyone saw the blueberries 1st and went "Oh, look... blueberries..." Some marketers were not into art. The PC art people were all down at the other end, but I had Rhett to talk to. Luckily a coffee shop was open across the street so we could take turns going to the restroom. It was overcast so it wasn't unbearably hot and I was thankful for that small blessing while hoping it didn't rain.

Some folks liked my set up which was made by Don. I was underneath an awning so I didn't have to use my canopy. One less thing to take down. I had several people to stop look, ask questions and comment. One took my new art bio sheet. Others took my business cards. One lady could even read the extra fine print with my email addresses on it. She asked me how old I was! I whispered how old I am. LOL She also knows the other Becky Bristow who is married to my cousin Steve, but she hasn't seen them since their kids graduated high school. The world just keeps getting smaller with every encounter.

Most people wanted to look at everything before they bought something. A few said they'd come back, but only one young lady did and she bought something! Yeah! I only had one sale, but still that was a sale and I am thankful for it.

Since the last show, I have misplaced my larger framed pieces. We had it all set up & I realized I didn't have them all. Even Don asked me if I had them all. Then I remembered the piece I did with my friend Cheryl's saying on it. Got to find those pieces before next Saturday! Where oh where could they be? Another one I didn't have was Don's photo of the birds which usually makes folks stop to ask what it is.

I saw about 4 people that are in the snooty art guild. I didn't really know 2 of them but they just barely glanced my way and kept walking. Later I saws the lady who helped Daddy when he fell that Feb 2 years ago. She was riding her bike and she is a lot older than me! I couldn't remember her name and it is similar to one of my aunt's. I hollered, "Youwhoo....!" and waved. She turned her bike around to come talk to us and hug me. She was like a breath of much needed fresh air. I will always be grateful to her for what she did for Daddy and then today.

I let Rhett walk up to see the other displays because he was bored. I prayed the whole time no one would get him. He is 12 after all. I probably was doing something like this at his age especially checking out our hotels when we went to Exchange Club conventions all over GA. I know I have to let him go sometimes. He got me almost everyone's business cards so I could get ideas!

Don took my stuff home after we packed it. Then Rhett & I walked to the Springer Opera House where we could take pics as well as objects to use in a piece of artwork for a sale at the Opera House next month. I took LOTS of pics of course. I'd never been in the saloon before so that was a real treat for me. Rhett knew the place was supposed to be haunted so he was a real chicken! To one side was an entryway or maybe alcove. I am not sure how to describe it exactly. It is one of those things you would have to see to understand. I made the mistake of saying, "Here is a leg." It was a mannequin's leg painted gold. I guess Rhett thought it was a real leg & did not want to go near it. Like I would be so calm if I saw a real human leg propped up against a banister! I wanted him to put his head up on this flat, round elevated like a pedestal piece of wood, but there was no way he'd get near it. I finally had to pick up the leg and show it to him. Then he was ok. It gave a whole new meaning to the term "break a leg"! LOL

I'd go walking off to explore while he was still lagging behind. I'd been backstage before, but it has been many years. We got to see the dressing rooms. I turned on the lights and took his pic there. He turned and almost screamed when he saw himself in a floor length mirror! It was so funny.

I love the fact that I appear so strong and brave for Rhett. I want him to think he has a strong mom just as I thought of my mom. Although I opened one door and it was pitch black inside. Needless to say I would not enter!

I think they almost forgot about us. We came downstairs and the lady who was supposed to take us on a tour was about to leave and didn't know how we got inside! She did take us back behind the stage to where some of the objects we could take home were located. First I saw a small, old gold hat box, but was a bit disappointed when she told me it only dated back to the 1960's. She told me I could take it. I felt funny doing that so I took a pic of it ontop of another hat box instead. When I told her I was thinking about doing a collage, she was going to let me take some donated framed paintings to use to collage on or paint on top of! I can still go back and get these things and I am considering it. I did ask if she had any really old ticket stubs, but she did not. No matter. I can distress some myself to make them look antique.

Once I upload all my pics taken today, I will have a better idea of what I want to do for this project. I still have time. I still have one pic I want to take of the outside of the building, but I can do that on the way home next week. Still it was a pretty exciting day so far. Any time I take pics, is exciting for me. Hopefully you will see the pics by tomorrow if you're lucky.

I am just thankful I sold something on my very first Market Day.


Serendipity said...

Hurray you made a sale on your first day! Your story about the leg and Rhett made me chuckle LOL. Reminds me of the first time I saw a detached mannequin leg in the department store as little kid. Horror of horrors! LOL

becky aka theRAV said...

I am glad our story made you chuckle Serendipity. I don't think I ever had a fear of them esp as Rhett did of wooden figures out west. Man would he scream bloody murder! I was more afraid of falling in the grates they had downtown where the loaded merchandise underneath the stores! My parents used to swing me over them sometimes. Thanks for taking me down memory lane today and stopping by to comment,