Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankfulness In Spite of Life's Difficulties

A few years ago I'd asked you to pray for a boy named Brandon. Brandon had asthma then lung problems which was what we were praying for and he improved! He is also our daughter-n-law Kristina's nephew. He was with them at the wedding we attended in Indy back in June. He came down with them last week. Kristina told me Brandon is on transplant list for a lung, but there are none available. They have given him a year to live! He is Rhett's age so this really got to me. His mom has let him bleach his hair and do some things she would not ordinarily let him do. Brandon was swimming here and I was holding my breath esp when he was doing a dead man's float! I took pics of him that I will send later to put a face with the name. I can't remember what Brandon's last name is now.

My phone beeped yesterday evening as I was driving down Macon Rd. I stopped at Fred's to get some drinks to take to church last nite as we were having a fellowship meal before our monthly singing night. It beeped again inside Fred's. I saw it was Genie's #. Having just seen her this weekend, I thought it was odd as we had not discussed getting together again anytime soon. I know I sounded funny when I asked if she called me. She did. She told me I wasn't going to believe this, but her mom was fine one minute then started going down hill the next. Her mom felt fine yesterday morning then started feeling bad. The nurse/caregiver called the dr. Genie could tell the caregiver was upset. The dr said to take her to the hospital.

Now Alma, Genie's mom had requested to see my other best friend Penny, Penny's mom & Penny's girls on Monday. We were all shocked that Alma would do this. It was so out of character for her as she never wanted any one to come to the house. Penny's mom is Alma's sister-in-law who looks a lot like Genie's Daddy. Genie's daddy died last July. Alma was lying on the couch, but she called each Penny's two daughter over to talk to them individually. We all felt like she was saying goodbye.

Margie, Penny's mom was a nurse. She noticed Alma's breathing was congested and she was rattling as well as being really weak. Alma passed away yesterday at 2 pm. Genie was still in shock because it was just so unexpected. But then we never really know when it is going to be our time, do we? It was a year & 8 days since Genie's Daddy died. Alma had already given up and was just waiting to die.

Genie and I were just thankful it happened now while she was here instead of when she went back home to Virginia. That would have been harder. At least she was with her mom when she died. Genie said she knows her mom is going to be so mad at her because she can't put her in the ground right away. She is waiting on her husband and son to arrive this weekend plus the preacher was out of town. She says her mom will probably come back to haunt her because of this. One of Genie's burden has now been lifted from her. The funeral will be Monday at 11. I will take off and be taking my parents to the funeral.

When I told my parents and Don, they were equally shocked by their expressions. I feel for Genie. My parents are older so you can imagine how this makes me feel.

My Mom fell last Friday. She was washing off the front porch which she knows she can no longer do that now. She slipped and fell. She very badly skinned the back of her wrist, scrapped an elbow, fell on one knee and hit her head, but it didn't break the skin. When my folks came to the art show Sun., they arrived earlier than we did so they could get a parking place out front. She had her wrist bandaged then. She'd found my picture then had to sit down. The swelling in her knee had moved downward. She did not feel like staying so they went home. We walked them out to show them the elevator so they wouldn't have to attempt stairs. I didn't see her unwrapped wrist until Monday as well as the swelling that had moved down her leg. She had a cut on her palm of her hand that probably needed a stitch, but she didn't want to go to the acute care place. She scared me because I was cooking a pie and set the oven on 400. She was trying to set the microwave on top of the stove for 400! I had to tell her I'd already done it. That is when she told me she'd hit her head.

Yesterday I received a card from our dear friend Helen who we met when we were line dancing 16 years ago. Helen always remembers our anniversary by sending us the most touching cards. I'd invited her to the art show. Inside this most perfect card, she apologized for not being at the show. Her daughter Barbara, age 47 has cancer. Helen has been busy with her 12 year old grandson, Eric who is only days younger than Rhett! Barbara has had 3 surgeries, radiation & her 2nd round of chemo last Tuesday. Helen is the main caregiver and stays at Barbara's. Helen is requesting prayers for Barbara. I don't know what Barbara's last name is but God knows. Please keep Barbara in your prayers.

I am thankful another one of my emails arrived when most needed and helped my friend Bob have a good eveing. That made my day today.

Of course this made me thankful I still have both my parents. I am thankful I slept better last night. I didn't wake up til almost 5 due to a cramp in the calf of my leg. This has been happening frequently. I was blaming it on the flat shoes I have been wearing, but I may need potassium. That is all I need... to take another pill! I thought we'd gotten rid of the critters in the attic, but then I heard another one scratching! But I feel really good today. Hope you do too. What are you thankful for today?

I cannot seem to get the link to Thankful Thursdays for some unknown reason. I posted last week, but received no responses. If you would like to share your thankfulness, please go to the following...


Lynn said...

Hi Becky,

Girl, I always love stopping in here and getting a picture of your daily life. I see you are living in the joy of the Lord despite all the difficulties around you. It inspires me. I love you my friend. Happy TT. Hugs.

Whidbey Woman said...

Oh my, its been quite a week for you and those you love. Scripture tells us to give thanks in all things, and you are doing just that. Love and prayers go out to you through cyberspace, my dear.
Happy Thankful Thursday!

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Lynn! Great to "hear" from you again! I am so glad you love stopping by here. Always glad to have you stop and comment. So glad I can inspire you! I love you too, my friend. Happy TT back at ya as well as Hugs.

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, it has been quite a week for me and those I love Whidbey Woman.
Thanks for the comment as well as the love and prayers. Greatly appreciated. Happy TT to you also.

Dragonstar said...

Becky, I used to get such a lot of cramp in my legs - the doctor said it was restless legs syndrome. I don't get it nearly as much now. I take Biochemic Tissue Salts. New Era make them here, but I don't know about your area. We get them in Health stores. They're a supplement and dissolve in your mouth. I take No. 8 (Magnesium Phosphate) and it's really helped.

Denise said...

Praying over all these requests, love you.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks for the info Dragonstar. I have a dr's appointment later in the month. I plan to discuss this issue.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you sweet Denise. Love you too!

Anonymous said...

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