Friday, July 16, 2010

2 Cents Worth

I found 2 cents yesterday and thought about putting my 2 cents in, but had nothing really to say. I'd said it all yesterday about my week's thankfulness. I had nothing really profound to say so I said nothing. I figured I'd just give my 2 cents to Rhett to go in his crayon bank. LOL

A lot of time people put their 2 cents in and no one really cares or they really do not want to hear it. If I put my 2 cents in, who really cares? It is like saying, "If I were Queen...." which I am not. My friends do care of course. Most of my 2 cents are rather funny if I do say so myself. I like my funny 2 cents worth. LOL I hope you do too. If not, oh well...

I have been rather quiet this week as I stated in my previous post. I wondered how that appears to my co-workers - not that I really care. Does it appear as if I am taking sides with Illy? HARDLY! I don't care what others think of me as I discussed with Kristina in an email yesterday. I know who I am. I like myself whether anyone else does or not and that is the main thing. It is what is far more important to me. I am just being myself which is something I strongly reinforce to Rhett. Just be yourself. He is really only his true self around his immediate family.

For my 2 cents worth today, I will say this.... I am so tired of dealing with women' s attitudes at work! I have a hard enough time dealing with my own. Illy is up to her usual tricks of calling out. I had very few comments about her excuse today which is no real surprise. Any excuse will do. In fact, it is so predictable it is no longer funny. I have to deal with far too many women's moods while trying to remain in a good one of my own and I am the one who is supposed to be taking HRT! It is hard sometimes. I try really not to let others spoil my mood. Some days I am successful at this. Other days not so much. Today I was successful at not letting them spoil my mood. I suppose I should be thankful to them because they gave me fodder for my 2 cents worth today.

I just came back from a good lunch. The 1st place I went to was closed. I am thinking, "Oh, no... I am going to have another one of my weird lunches....", but thankfully I did not. At Wendy's, I was able to read my book and get lost in the sea without fear of drowning. I am currently reading Soul Song by Marjoire M. Liu which I purchased at the dollar store! What a find. It is about a merman. I need to send it to McCabe when I am finished reading it. LOL

I returned to work in this really good mood where at least two women are carrying on about the fact that they don't like the way a man placed the copy paper! One just went on and on and on. I bit my tongue, keeping my 2 cents to myself. I wanted to say "Get a life!" or "...if that is all you have to complain about....", but I refrained. I almost pulled out a cd to drown them out much like the character M'cal could do with his voice in this book.

What 2 cents would you like to add today?

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mrsnesbitt said...

here in Uk we have a daily current affairs programme on the radio. I am usually in the lounge whilst the radio is on in the kitchen. I always know when 2 women are being interviewed as i hear the screaching and shouting from the lounge! I always get it right ...yep 2 women on again!
Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 if you ever get to look & listen again - well worth it!