Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Crosses We Bear


I had a purse and the braiding on the strap was coming undone. I thought I might could find a cheap used purse at the Goodwill that would just hook on to the existing rings to save some money. Because we went to our friend's wedding Saturday, I didn't go to Goodwill, but enjoyed their wedding. I was especially glad we went because none of her co-workers showed up. I just do not understand it. I took some good pictures of Deb and Bob. Rhett got bored so he asked if he could take pictures. He had some interesting captions to go with them. For instance, he took a photo of one of their tea light candles burning and called it "Let your light shine unto Christ." I was so very thankful for this little blessing. What he came up with and for him. Two blessings in one child.

Monday, I went to a Goodwill near where I work. As I parked in not my usual parking place, I saw this cross in the window made out of broken cd's and thought what a neat idea. I also thought of our brokeness being put on the literal cross and God making us whole again. I almost used this for an Odd Shot on Monday, but decided I would use it for Thankful Thursday instead. I had no luck with the purse strap. Most of them were too small, making me feel like Goldilocks. LOL But now I know I was meant to go there and take this photo so I could use it here.

Yesterday and today were difficult days at work. Today it paid to come in later to work. My "supervisor" aka the Black Widow Spider aka Illy Nilly caused another big blow out before I arrived over an umbrella! She pushed the other lady who is a preacher to the point of shouting, "I rebuke you, Satan!" So a meeting was called, but because I was not there when it transpired, I remained at my desk answering the phone which was a blessing in disguise and I was thankful I was excluded although it hurt my feelings at first. The warden was yelling and I was so thankful I was on the outside of the door. Then I was called into the meeting. I really did not want to go and felt like I was going to the gallows or walking into the lion's den. Both Illy and the preacher were calling each other liars. I am not used to such things. I got cold and was shaking on the inside. Then I was asked if I had anything to add. I knew I could not not say anything after all she has done to me in the past. The other two ladies were depending on me. All this mess had gone on for far too long. I honestly said, "I have never had a supervisor talk to me the way that she has." She will probably have it out for me now, but I had to tell the truth. This woman is not one to let your past mistakes go by because she brought up something I did not do over two years ago; something that was rectified and should have been the end of the story but no, not with her.

The meeting did not really resolve anything. I fear it only made things worse. She saw she wasn't getting anywhere tattle-telling on each of us so she started crying using her dying 92 year old grandmother as an excuse. Now I am not unsympathetic here, but just yesterday she told us her grandmother was better and returning to the nursing home. Did she forget she told us that? So she get to go home. She tried to call me after she left, but I refused to take her call. I did not want to talk to her. She wanted me to call her, but I did not and do not feel bad about it. Even my husband said he would not have called her either.

So I am asking for your prayers on behalf of my office tomorrow. The preacher lady is praying for Illy; for God to reveal to her how she really is whereas I cannot bring myself to pray for her. I am sorry. I just can't. I know I need to pray about the fact that I can't pray for her. I realize she is the cross that I must bear but how long must I bear her?

I had a free lunch today so I was thankful for the delicious pieces of pizza. The mushrooms were so good. I was told I was only the 2nd person who thanked the officer who had the pizzas delivered.

I am thankful for all my friends. I am thankful Don will not have to have gall bladder surgery any time soon.

I wrote this last night as a means of catharsis for mself. This morning we all had emails that we are to address Illy Nilly as "Mrs...." and she will address us by our surnames. I am not to send her any more personal emails although I had not in ages which should have told her something years ago. She doesn't have to worry about that. I will most likely block her from my home email also. The other ladies discovered salt was put in their creamer which is scarey. So please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.

Update: Illy was called into the office for the email. She was suspended for one day tomorrow. As always I was left alone with her during lunchtime! All of a sudden she busted out crying. She closed her door when a Sgt. came up. I thought for a moment that maybe the Lord had shown her herself, but I wouldn't go in her office. Instead I put on the 1st cd I had in my drawer, Michael Bolton' Soul Provider cd. This may sound cold-hearted, but I couldn't risk playing her games. She cried for almost a half an hour getting louder each time she heard someone talking in the office. When she finally came out she threatened that we would be happy when she commits suicide this weekend. She pretended to call her sister to tell her she was going to kill herself. I am sorry, but if you called your sister and said such a statement, your sister would be calling you back immediately or coming to check on you!

After she left for the day, we were told she was blaming it all on us that we were so terrible to her. Once again we had to write up statements about what transpired today. I was appointed the lucky one to take all of our statements into the office.

I guess the problem finally escaladed to the point where something will be done. Our statements were faxed to affirmative action and then to HR. So we will see... Sorry to burden you with all this. I felt your prayers working for us today. I was thankful for my friends who emailed me, told me to keep my chin up, to smile and not let it get to me. Don't know what I would do without you.

If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following....

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Denise said...

Bless your heart sweetie. I am saying prayers for you, and everyone at the office.

becky voyles said...

Thank you Denise for the prayers. I felt them working.

PERBS said...

The interpretation of the broken Cd's on the cross is wonderful.

Prayers coming for your whole office, including the lady who is so much trouble. She needs someone to pray for hr.

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Paulie about the interpretation. Thanks also for the prayers for our office. We have a respite til Tuesday.