Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday Morning Thoughts


Monday Morning thoughts posted on a Tuesday
If you see a sunrise, but can't take a picture of it,
does it still count?
Of course! You were blessed just by seeing a sunrise.
An accumulation of cloud coverings found
You take an inspirational one instead
with puffy coulds in the background
and overhead.
Then an odd shot with yourself in the frame
on purpose
Not so odd perhaps.
How many pictures a day can you shoot?
Car and bumper stickers sought on the morning commute
My all time fave is still "Wick-ed".
Then that long walk into work with dread
But the BTW called in sick instead
Its a good quiet Monday
So good so far
A big burst of laughter first thing lifted my spirits,
set my mood
but didn't bring my blood pressure down.
Then clear azure blue skies above
A caring email from true blue friends whom I love
reminding me that she and God love me
Thankful to the good Lord above.
Craving to be creative
A million six ideas churning in my mind
So many ideas so little time
So many words yet to be written;
yet to be rhymed.
Pictures to draw and take before I die.
I found good, but inexpensive Christmas presents at Walmart
2 down, more to go...
Love it when that happens.
~copyright by theRAV~
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PERBS said...

So you are a poet also! Nice accompanying silhouette photo.

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Paulie. I tried and succeeded on this one. It is really kinda weird how it all comes about to me. I am so loving my muse these days. LOL