Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Health Care Sucks!

Normally I think I am a pretty positive person. I always see the glass half full. I have had several comments about my blog being positive. Well, today I am going to vent and get negative....

Since Don was laid off, in order to get him back on my insurance, we had to have a termination letter and a certificate of coverage before he could be added back onto mine. I faxed the certificate today with a note on my cover sheet asking the lady in HR to either call me or email to let me know she received it.

This lady was not helpful when one of my old jobs was being phased out years ago and because I was the last one hired, I would be the first one to go. She didn't seem to be working on my case. As soon as she saw me in person, I could tell she did not like me upon sight and I knew she was not going to help me. I had never had that happen to me before. I had to go over her to the department head who go the ball rolling which led to me getting my current job. So I am very careful when I deal with her because of all this. Crossing all my t's and dotting every i.

Don's dr's office called me about his appointment tomorrow to review his recent tests and to tell him he needed to stop by the hospital to pick his records as well as a cd of the test. I'd never heard of such! I told the lady on the phone he was not going to like that and she laughed. I think that is ridiculous especially with gas prices what they are now. Why can't they just access his records?

I couldn't order a small file cabinet for myself at work which I need badly yet we just ordered two for another part of the prison I work in. I got the usual ridiculous b.s. except I was told I need to clean out old files to be sent to the landfill then I should have plenty of room in my plastic file holders. That wasn't the point. The point was to have better access to my important files in a filing cabinet rather than stuffed in plasic containeres where files can get confused. These plastic containers I now have thanks to my boss and Illy Nilly conspiring against me. It makes me mad every time I open them which is several times daily. Yet he did not want me hurting my legs by bumping the plastic containers. Go figure. Then the boss had this "brilliant" idea of opening a shelf so everyone could see what it contains so other can take whatever they want. This coming from a man who worries more about how dumb little stuff in an office looks than any man I know.

I even told him I found a light baby blue file cabinet at the Goodwill for $15.00, but it may not have keys to lock it. Our key guard could easily have keys made for it, I was sure. I told him I knew he would not like the color because it did not match the decor of the office, but for once I did not use sarcasm. Of course it might be hard to justify to auditors that you purchased something from Goodwill, but it would have been saving them money. The filing cabinet probably would have fit under my desk where no one would see it unless they walked into may large open cubby area.

They repeatedly and annoyingly kid me at work about him being "my daddy", but they are so wrong. My real Daddy would buy me a filing cabinet! So I wasn't a happy co-worker today and it wasn't just because I wasn't getting my way on the filing cabinet. It was the way he said it.

Don was not answering his cell. I had no idea what his new work number is now. All I know is he works for a friend. I had to call our preacher to try to get their home number as it was not listed in the phone book and I didn't know the name of the company he works for now. The preacher didn't have their number, but he had the man's wife's grandmother's number. Got that? So I had to call her to get the number. We all go to the same church so it wasn't as ackward as it sounds. She gave me his cell phone number. I got his voice mail and left a message as my frustrations and headache increased.

I called to leave a voice mail message for the lady in HR to call me because I needed to know something. Finally she emails me back after 3 pm. She did receive my fax from this morning. In her email, she stated I am to return some forms which she put in inter-office mail today and his appointment is tomorrow although she said he is "covered"! She used the words "spousal surcharge attestation". I don't like the term "surcharge".

Man, I remember the good ole days... when you simply went to the doc, they filed your claims, it was usually all paid by the insurance company and life was good.

I FINALLY got Don and explained everything that transpired today. He didn't seem upset about having to go to the hospital to pick up his records as I was. Maybe it's my hormones or lack of there of that caused my angry feelings. He was going to call the HR lady first. I did not tell him to be nice. Maybe because he is a man with that deep, authoritative voice, he will get something done correctly. Or maybe not with the way our luck has been going.Sorry to vent. I will be more positive tomorrow....


PERBS said...

You sound so down . . . just think! When you are that far "down" you can only go up! Things have got to be lookin' better soon!

becky voyles said...

Yeah, I know I sounded down Paulie. I know I should be thankful we have insurance esp these days. I figure tomorrow will be a better day. At least I hope so. I still have hope.

Dragonstar said...

You did have a bad day - one of those days when everything just piles on top of you. I hate days like that. Fortunately they usually seem to improve after a night's sleep, so I hope yours did.

becky voyles said...

Yes, Dragonstar it was one of those days. The next day WAS better and I got things back into perspective. I returned to my postive self again.