Tuesday, October 21, 2008

N is for... Nailtique

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I could not for the life of me think of a single N word for ABC Wednesday. Nothing. Nada. Nilch. So I almost started not to participate, but felt like that was not nice form. On the drive to work Tuesday morning, thinking these negative thoughts, I asked myself, "Why am I so negative lately?"

Last go round I used Nathan's hot dogs as my post. I could have used a photo of our son-in-law Nate, especially his mohawk picture from Father's Day last June when he cut his hair short to match his friend Ron. Ron was going through chemo at the time, but is thankfully cancer-free now.

Then it hit me.... I thought of Nailtique. I remembered I needed to buy a bottle for my mother-in-law in Indiana. I have used this nail product for years and it really works! I discovered it when I was a receptionist at Gayfer's Hair Salon, now Dillard's. Dillard's no longer carries it nowdays. I went on line and found out I could purchase it at Ulta in the new shopping mall. Then the other week I came across it inside Publix so now I don't have to make a special trip across town to Ulta to buy it.

When you have weak nails, you can use Nailtique once a day adding a clear coat for 5 days, remove it and start the routine all over again until you see an improvement in your nails which you will. You can also wear colored nail polish over it. I normally use Nailtique II. I need to use some myself now since my nails are too short even for me. They don't even look like my nails at all.

This served as a reminder to me to buy Nailtique for my MIL as well as use my own for my own nails. So I am thankful for thinking of Nailtique. And because it was something unique. Bet no one else had it!

So I bought it and quickly took this photo last night. I apologize because it is not one of better shots. I should have used a flash or lightened it up.

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Dragonstar said...

Great idea! You had a real brainwave.

Denise said...

Well that's a very clever post. I wish I could think up something like that. I was having a hard time thinking of one at all. Great share!

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Dragonstar and Denise. Yes, I finally had a brainwave. LOL Glad you both liked it. Thanks for your comments.

Bear Naked said...

What a unique choice for the letter N.
Becky does Nailtique help with vertical ridges on the nails?
As I have got older I seem to have developed these deep vertical ridges especially on my thumb nails.
I did some research and found out that yes,vertical ridges appearing on the nails, is a sign of aging.

Bear((( )))

david mcmahon said...

Well done, Becky!

becky voyles said...

Bear Naked, have you tried any of the new nail files they have out now to try to file away the ridges? I am not sure Nailtique will help with the ridges as it strengthens thin, weak nails. But ya never know... I will say I don't have any ridges on mine.

Thank you, David! You made my day today!

Bear Naked said...

Because my nails are so terribly thin I am afraid to do any filing on the nail itself.
A few years ago I found what was called ridge filler by a company I can't remember but it has been discontinued and I can't find a similar product.
Thanks for your help anyway.
Bear((( )))

Jay said...

Well, I think that was a very clever and unusual ABC Wednesday post! And you did find an 'N', and lots of 'N' words!!

My nails flake and split, then they're strong for a while. Never can work out why .. but nothing seems to help. I've tried eating jelly, vitamins. calcium/magnesium, not using nail varnish, using nail varnish, and a ton of nail protectors and strengtheners. I think it's hormonal!

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Jay . Love your blog! I answered your comment on it. But you are probably right... it could be hormonal.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Never heard of it but it was a great idea! : D

becky voyles said...

It is unusual isn't it, Kim. Rather hard to come by where I used to by it then I rediscovered it & luckily found it in my grocer.