Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Terrific Tuesday


A sunflower bench for just for Paulie

Today has turned out to be a Terrific Tuesday for me. The first really good one in awhile. There were clear blue skies this morning. Not a cloud in the sky. My day almost got off on the wrong note though. I'd left an empty Pepsi can on my desk. Ants were discovered on the can by a big loud-mouthed man who let the entire office know as he showed me ant filled can. It temporarily put me in a bad mood because I feared I'd be told I could no longer collect my empty cans I rinse out; that I couldn't do my part for the enviroment. But soon after things improved as did my mood and attitude. I got good emails as I do every day and I am thankful for all of them and the friends that sent them. I also got an invitation.

I'd brought a turkey sandwich but needed some provalone cheese and chips. Yes, I am pickie. I had no change. Once outside again, there were clouds in the sky which amazed me there are none one moment then a sky full the next. On the way to Publix, I took a picture of a cloud. Once taken, in the camera's view, it looked more like a strapless bra which will be my Sky Watch shot this Friday. Inside Publix, I took pictures of winter flowers. I am taking photos for a fall folliage contest with a local tv station. Then I spied a pretty sunflower bench for my blogger friend Paulie or Perbs for her benches blog.
I couldn't wait to share it with her. For my next excitment of the day, I found the book I'd been wanting to read entitled Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. It was cheaper that what I saw at Walmart yesterday. It will soon be released at the movies. Yes, it is about vampires!

I did a few RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) which made me feel good.

I realize I am a bit "touchy" because the copier ran out of toner and won't work. It has never done this before. Today I have had everybody and their brother telling me what I already know. I have ordered more toner which is something I have done for years now. Then I am questioned by someone as if I don't order enough or I should order more when I can only order two at a time. I probably sounded snippy about it, but I don't care and I am not letting it or them get me down.

Speaking of down, my blood pressure was thankfully down compared to yesterday. I called my new hormone doctor who's her nurse told me to increase my dosage to twice a day. I don't seem to tolerate generic high blood pressure pills well. I prefer my old pills that worked. It wasn't broke so why fix it? They worked well. With Prinivil, my b. p. was low like when I was small. Now I am regretting they were changed. It is good to save money, but not at a cost to my body.

I have to pay a bill and will probably do a bit of shopping after work. Hope you have as a terrific Tuesday as I have had. I hope I make Paulie's day with the bench.
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PERBS said...

What a nice surprise! I will have to link to it on the blog because I ams ure that Malyss in France, who also has a bench blog, will want to see it too! She is on vacation presently. Thanks for sharing!

becky voyles said...

Glad I could surprise you Paulie. I think I surprised myself as well. Link away. You are more than welcome.