Sunday, October 26, 2008

Full Circle


I guess because I am an artist now, I notice patterns A LOT. In my life time, my history has often repeated itself over and over again and again. Although it doesn't feel as if I am constantly having a "Ground Hog Day" - yet. Last year, I participated in my very first postcard swap with woman from around the world. One of them was Toni in Tasmania, Australia. Toni was on the list again for this year's second go-round. On Saturday, I received her lovely and inspiring handmade postcard from down under about dreams which was the theme.

Today I had to go through some of my old papers I collected in a year's time looking for something for my hubby while watching weird movies such as "Vendetta" and "Hell Boy". 'Tis the season... I rediscovered I had written about receiving my first postcard from Toni and it has been almost year exactly since then. I found it weird in a coincidental way. It just reminded me of the repeating patterns in my life and made me feel as if I have came a full circle once again. Thanks Toni for the postcard, for helping repeat my history because this allowed me to re-read old words I had written.

I couldn't find the photo I really wanted to use here, but knew I wanted circles so this one will have to do.

Do you ever notice repeating patterns in your life? Do you feel like you are going in circles? Have you met yourself yet? The next time you see a car exactly like your's, be sure to have a look inside to see if you are there. Have you come full circle? I think blogging makes it easier to go back and see these repeating patterns we keep making or the patterns that form our lives like a gigantic patchwork tapestry. Our friends and family are a pieces of the puzzle that make us up into who we really are. They make it all fit together. They complete us. Thanks for being apart of mine.
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PERBS said...

I enjoyed the essay and photo about circles. I look for patterns in nature and architecture -- found almost the whole alphabet one year. Thanks for your comment about my friend Mary. Of course, you can share it.

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Paulie. Wow! A whole alphabet! Thanks for letting me share.