Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Our Weekend Was Like

Rhett looked sick when I got home Friday nite from going thru my Aunt's safety deposit box. He had circles under his eyes and he looked like he felt bad. He didn't eat well, but he slept well and ate better on Saturday. Don now has to send resumes via emails and the internet. I miss the old days where you went to apply for a job and had human contact. We went to the library. When we came out, we were parked beside a beautiful piece of green carpet like grass. I just had to take my clogs off and place my feet on the grass for a few seconds. I started to take a picture but my toe nails need a pedicure bad. I could have just taken one of my empty clogs and gotten my point across. It was one of the highlights of my day. So take it from me... take your shoes off and walk in the grass if only for a few seconds while you have the chance. It's the little things like that which mean the most.

We went to Barnes & Noble because there was supposed to an art show from the Sarah West Gallery. We drove all the way across town to the new mall only to barely find a tiny art show on a double sided wire wire consisting of children's art. I admit I was disappointed always expecting too much. It was mostly pencil drawings but some of them were very good. Rhett even said so.

I got a book on sale as did Rhett. I also got some some small alphapbet stamps that are shaped like tiny postage stamps. I saw Daddy's old boss's son, Bryan, who used to live in California. I thought it was him but wasn't sure. Almost stopped him to ask about the art show. He remembered me, but not my name. He has been here three years now. He only works at B & N on Saturdays. He lives near my parents. It was good seeing him again.

It was my night to see folks. I saw a guy I used to work with @ JCP and go to college with named Eddie. My mom used to call him George for some reason. I guess he looked like a George to her. She did it so much that I once called him George and he looked at me like I was crazy.

We got supper to go from a new place called the Pickle Barrell. Don didn't like their philly cheese steak sandwiches. Rhett's mild wings were good. Not too hot for him which is always a good thing.

The good news is Don hasn't lost his unemployment! Yeah! Thank you, Lord!

Tomorrow is my mom's dr's appointment so please keep her in your prayers. Thanks.

Update: I will have to start going with mom to the dr. She had a HERNIA not a tumor! Will write more later when I have time.


PERBS said...

You were busy! I wish you a peaceful, calm week!

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you so much for that, Paulie but it hasn't been! LOL