Friday, September 18, 2009

The Art Show

Well, I was really disappointed in the art show 3 ways.... The food was not as good as last time. There were no chairs and there was a lot of elderly people there, but not where for them to sit. My mom had to go outside the room to sit on a bench. I know this was supposed to be like an upscale art show where you just walk around looking at the art, but I am sure even art galleries have benches for those who want to sit and ponder a piece of artwork. The voting was different. I was given a piece of paper inside my name tag. I was to vote for the member of my choice which was myself of course. Needless to say I did not win.

My friend Cheryl & her husband Randy were there. Cindy M., Ruth R. & Ruth F. from the old JCPenney's days were there. When I told Ruth F, she couldn't vote for me, she said, "P*** on them!" Gotta love her! They had never been to an art show before. Jimmy came later and took pictures. I did not take so many this time. My friend Darryl also came a long way. It was so good to see everyone and I am thankful for all you came to the show.

I kept thinking I need to volunteer to chair the next show so I could get the caterers we had last time. I would re-instate the People's Choice award again, but both these ideas might get nixed. I don't think I really want the responsiblity.

I need to do a larger piece so mine will not be placed on bottom again. I wrestled with my choice. I took Don & Rhett's advice. Next time I will go with my 1st choice. I went in knowing this was not one of my best pieces. I actually did it at the Phenix City studio. This was around the time Genie's father died. I called it "The Intersection". I would like to think this is what her Daddy saw on his way to heaven so it has a sentimental meaning to me as I am sure most people's artwork does. Mine was placed beneath a dark rendition of Christ. There was another really good mixed media of Christ that I liked. If you viewed it upclose, you couldn't see it but when you stood off from it, you could see Him. Awesome!

The art will remain in the library thru Oct 4th. I will be sitting with the art on Sept 26th from 2-6 if you want to stop by that day. No one commented about picture taking. I gave my friend Darryl permission to photograph mine. I will try to take some later...

I always have beginner's luck.

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