Friday, September 25, 2009

Let Each Day Be Your Masterpiece

I have had a quote pinned on my mauve cubby wall at work for nine years now. It says, "Let Each Day Be Your Masterpiece." The quoter or quotee is unknown to me.

I do try my best to let each day be my masterpiece. I start out with good intentions. It may just be to have a good day; to remain in a good mood and not let anyone spoil my mood. I stopped letting a certain person have that power over me after many years of prayers by me and my friends to whom I am thankful. My work time is so much better now. Breathable. Less stressful.

I try to let each day be my masterpiece. Each day I hope to create a new piece of artwork whether it is just a doodle on my doodlepad at work that will eventually be added to daily or used later in another piece of art. Lately I have not been so creative due to new family responsiblities of taking care of my aunt's finances. Sometimes I am too tired when I get home. Still I have ideas clamoring for my attention. I have scraps of paper calling my name from home. I can hear them now... They call my name like a whisper from a lover at this very moment as I wrote these words in my journal then transcribed them to my blog.

I try to let each day be my masterpiece. Some days I fall short for I am certainly not perfect. There is only one who is and I am not Him. I am always leaving something undone. One day I may be borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. I may not always be able to pay Paul back, but somehow we manage and I am thankful.

I know even Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo had bad days too. Not every day can be a Mona Lisa kind of day. I wish!

I try to let each day be my masterpiece. It may not be in the form of pretty pastels which I cannot do well anyway; it may not be amazing oils or the perfect watery watercolors. It mostly likely is in the form of an odd shot photograph I just have happened to see. Another moment of my life captured forever. It may be the maturity of my son or his reversal back to his earlier childhood days by creating another amazingly awesome Leggo truck such as the one he made last night and I photographed.

Then I turn in my journal only to find tiny treasures; pieces of art I did awhile back and I smile with pride at the many, many things I have done thus far in my life. My son being my greatest unfinished masterpiece to date.

Quote of the day:

Today I saw these words:
"empty wishes"
and immediately thought...
I do not have empty wishes!
I have BIG dreams
and some have become reality.
(Who would have thougtht I would be so inspired by words early in the morning today?)

a bit of good news...

Well, I have a bit of exciting news to share with you... This is a 1st for me. I am going to participate in an art auction on Oct. 1st at Trinity Episcopal Church on Hilton Ave from 6-9. It is called "Art with a Heart". I will be donating some art work for a good cause. (I am hoping it is tax deductable.) I will be provided with 2 free tickets (although I have asked for a 3rd one so the 3 of us could attend - if not, I will take Rhett.) The admission for this event is $20 in advance & $25 at the door so I won't ask you to come to this as I know this is rather steep in our economy, although food and drink will be provided as well as a chance to bid on the artwork of other local artists. I am excited about this opportunity as it is a means of getting my artwork out there, seen and hopefully purchased. Plus it is a good cause. I am going to use 3-4 small framed photographs. Things I had in my art show. Fall pumpkins, a mermaid doll crying mermaid tears since this theme has to do with kids, a blue collage with a mother & child in the center, and if I can find a photo copy of "I Love Ewe" because of the heart in it, I will include it. If not, I am NOT giving away my original! Still I am giving from my heart and soul.

Even better news... I am going to get the 3rd ticket for free! So now we all can go. Yeah!

I had a good free lunch of pizza with the best mushrooms on it. Today is my lucky day and I am so thankful for everything! What are you thankful for? I am also thankful for my friends who pray for me. Thank you.


PERBS said...

Sounds like lots of blessings to me!

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, they certainly are a lot of blessings, Paulie and I am so thankful for them all.

More Than Conquerors said...

This is one of my favourite quote! Let each day be your masterpiece. Thanks, Becky, for sharing with us how you try to make each day a masterpiece. May God bless you as you live for Him each day!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!