Friday, September 4, 2009

An Artful Poem by ~theRAV~

Dancing Mermaid made me want to write poetry again with her challenge. Today I went to my old faithful... e-muse again. I can come up with words on my mind at the time, but they don't always jive. When I start typing the poem as a post, I always change the words as I go; as I did here... I visited a lot of blogs today, catching up. Trying to improve my mood I wore a bright pink salmon colored blouse. I saw a dragonfly on Carletta's blog "Around the Bend" and picked that as my animal for this poem. All these blogs can be found on my side bar. I am just thankful to have written another poem today.

"An Artful Poem"

Amber art flowing like lava
hot, yellow golden and bright orange
hot salmon pink skies over anywhere but here
My muse arrives in the nick of time
(Is his name Nick?)
dreaming about looking wantonly and sexy hue-filled
Not the only heavely part -
Then the art is flowing slowly to a trickle
with near silence so still it makes your ears throb
for wanting to hear
dragonfly wings flapping
where the dragonflies await.

Now the amber arts fade
into hot salmon beginnings
and the dragonfly is no more.
He's off to inspire another artist,
But perhaps he will come this way again...


PERBS said...

I like that style of poetry. I grew up where everything had to rhyme and I wasn't great at it. I write poetry like this now a days too.

I tried to post on your blog yesterday but I could not get to your page -- maybe there was a computer glitch or something. . . I left a comment today tho.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks Paulie. It made me feel good to be writing poetry again. Sorry you couldn't get thru yesterday but I am glad you could get thru & comment. Thanks for that.