Monday, September 14, 2009

I Wish...

On 9/9/09, Susannah of Ink on My Fingers at had a wonderful wish list for that magical day that has now come and gone. Please stop by and read her wish list. Today I don't recall anything magical happening in my life that special day, but my days tend to run together now. It is hard to keep up with what happened each day although I think I have kept an pretty accurate account here on my blog, but I am sure I missed some things; left a few things out. Some on purpose. I keep coming to roadblocks in my daily affairs, particularly since handling my aunt's financial matters. Life has just been one thing after another on this train ride I find myself on now. I feel it is all rushing past me. Susannah's post was like a breath of fresh air. A small detour off the train. Although I replied to her post personally, I re-read it again today.

I thought to myself we don't really need a magical day just to make a wish list. We could make one daily. At the end of each day, we could check our list to see if any wishes came true that day. We could see what we did or did not do in order to ensure our wishes came true so we might be able to repeat the process the next day. Maybe wish harder. Pray more. Pick more dandelions to make more wishes on them, etc.

It seems I am always late and a dollar short. A Capricorn late bloomer if there ever was one. So I will do my wish list today... Today I wish for... my cousin to arrive soon so I can take a breather even though I just started out the gate. I know I have been wishey-washey about his coming so I wish I was not so wishey-washey. I wish... there won't be a storm once he arrives.

I wish... I would win an award at the art show on Thursday evening which would mean a monetary award as well. I wish... all my friends would turn up to vote for me so I could win. Although I felt somewhat depressed when I turned in my framed artwork yesterday. So many really great pieces of art compared to my small one; some much better than mine. I wish... I didn't feel so small. I wish... to be rid of my self-doubts, faithlessness in myself, my abilites and my art as well as my feelings of inadequacies. I wish... to be more self-confident. Perhaps I need another pep talk from my friend Cheryl. I wish... to stop 2nd guessing myself that I picked the wrong piece of art for the show just because I was far more sure of my choice last year. I KNEW then. I wish... I don't have beginner's luck.

I wish... for Don's father to be alright; that his dizziness is not anything major as Don fears. That maybe it is something as simple as inner ear. I wish... Don doesn't have to go to Indy if it is bad news and he will miss my art show, but I will understand and go on.

I wish... my mom to find the right dr. I hope we are on the right road. I wish she doesn't have to have surgery.

I wish... handling my aunt's affairs were easier for me; a smooth ride with no more roadblocks ahead. I wish... it would not take a toll on my immediate family. I wish... it won't affect my son. I wish Don could find the right job for him and soon! I wish... our lives could go back to being normal again. I wish... we were well off without any worries. I wish... I could make money selling my art. I wish... we didn't have to pay bills. I wish... it was a perfect world with a happily-ever aftering. I wish... all our dreams could come true.

What do you wish for? I hope all your wishes come true.


PERBS said...

All your wishes could have been one. . . that God would take care of you in all that you do. Then the wish becomes a prayer.Ü Then let Him handle it.

becky aka theRAV said...

That is beautiful, Paulie. Thank for this!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could add your wishes to an online wish list that your friends can use to buy things for you, like at Wishlings :)

Blogger said...

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