Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday's Message

When we got back from church, there was a message on our machine. I could tell it was Don's baby brother. Don thought he sounded funny. He called him back. No answer. Alan called. Don's daddy is in the hospital! He had been having dizzy spells for 4 days. It was worse this morning so Alan took him to the ER and they kept him to run tests. He is in a room now. All the test taken thus far have come back negative. They will do an MRI tomorrow. Don's daddy is rarely sick. This really upset Don. Please keep them in your prayers that it is nothing major. Thank you.

My mom is going to see a 2nd and 3rd opinion on her problem and hopefully find a new oby/gyn.

I took my artwork to the "hanging". I needed it's exact measurements, but did not ask when it was being framed. Luckily they had a tape measure. A nice lady said, she would take my baby as I was filling out the paperwork, the title and the price. I was concentrating on that so I didn't notice where she placed it. She put it next to one of the biggest and best pieces lined up along the bottom of the walls; next to a very large photographic sunset that reminded me of a sunset scene in "Gone With the Wind". It made mine appear so small. I know it is not the size that counts. At least my colors complimented it. There are some really good pieces entered. I know it is normal to feel somewhat depressed when I compare which I know I shouldn't do, but I am only human. Still I am hoping my local fan club will vote for me for the People's Choice award.

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