Thursday, September 10, 2009

2nd Tornado Dream

I was thankful I got to see my friends Jimmy and Bob last Saturday. I had breakfast with Jimmy again on Tues at the JCP retiree breakfast. Two of the retirees have me concerned becuase they did not look well. I realize they are getting older and that is saddening. I was able to invite them all to the art show!

Sometime Saturday my Aunt fell out of bed at the hospital! I sent emails to her kids in Idaho because I felt they should know this as it was major.

Well, Sunday evening I got the shock of my life! My cuz called me from Idaho to say he is coming! I couldn't believe it. I was so relieved. He sounded good, in a good mood, upbeat and laughing. I am not sure if the email about his mom's fall was the determining factor. We talked for several hours about a lot of things. So I was feeling good.

That night I had a dream... I was at my Aunt M's in Montgomery (my mom's oldest living sister & I realized the implication of her name after I typed this! LOL) which has nothing to do with my Aunt Va here. We were at Aunt M's old house. Old as in two houses prior, not as in olden or dilapidated. This house was made out of white cinder blocks. I saw my deceased Uncle Eddy who had on dark clothes and had his back to me, but I was comforted that he was there. This house had at least 3 bedrooms in it. In the front corner one, the room was all white white. There were no curtains in the window. I looked out the window into the vast field and saw a tornado forming, growing and heading towards the house. Don was beside me. I was hollering for Rhett who was in the living room to come on because we had to get to the cellar! In reality, there was no cellar at this house. I sat straight up in bed. I know I had this dream as a premonition because there will be a BIG storm when my cuz arrives. I think this is the 2nd tornado dream I have had.

On Monday my other cuz who has been taking care of my aunt called to ask for a check for $200 to buy groceries. I immediately told him even we don't spend that much money. He said it was for the entire month & he was out of everything. He began with cat liter. I am not a cat person so I feel like this expense could be eliminated but I cannot tell them they have to get rid of their beautiful cats. He said they were out of toilet paper. I have changed the roll for the past two weeks and I know he is not completely out of tp! There are only two people, well, three with his friend living there in their household whereas we have three. I know his mom doesn't eat well. I knew it was for something else as he then told me he had an overdraft on each of his checking accounts. He also said he missed a credit card payment. But then I have to look at it from the perspective that he cannot take a job because he has been taking care of his mom. He is needed. Otherwise an expensive nurse would have to stay with her or she'd have to go in a nursing home and the nursing home would eventually get the house.

I don't feel comfortable handing over a $200 check. Everyone I talked to said he is wanting the money for something else not just food. I will go with him to the grocery store. That is the only way I can feel good about this. I know he won't like it. I am going to give him gas money. I will give him the same amount I spend on gas each week.

Be careful what you wish for.... Now I sort of wish my other cuz from Idaho wasn't coming because he will clean house! He is the storm that his coming. It is going to be a mess and I am right in the middle of it. I dread this afternoon going to the grocery store. So please keep me in your prayers as I will probably witness one of this cuz's temper tantrums first hand. I wish my husband would go with me, but I know he doesn't want to go. I have a tiny fear because R has threatened to kill his brother L!

I did have a highlight to my day yesterday.... There is a Halloween shop that has been here for three straight years. I decided to stop in. It was smaller and darker than last year. Also creepier. Even I was a bit scared at times. It wasn't crowded and I was the only one in there at one point. I kept hearing banging on the other side which was a bit unnerving considering where I was. Once I went through the entire store, I asked the male clerk that worked there if I could take pictures and he said since no one was there, it was ok with him. The first thing I did was take a picture of a raven with it's wings spread. Yes, I did my object placement in yet another store! My flash caught the shine on it's wings. I got a really creepy, but cool vamp mask/head. Well, it is a head that won't stand up by itself. I got several shots of witch that turned out well. There was even a Japanese mummy which I had never seen before. It went off once. It's eyes lit up red & it glowed on the inside. I figured it would be a long while before it did this again so I couldn't get a pic of it. I got a big spider in window. I heard thunder and thought, SOMEONE is trying to tell me something... like maybe I shouldn't be here! LOL I had to wait til the storm passed. It was raining like a tornado was coming right there in that one spot. When it slacked, I went to my car. I saw a rainbow so I know God still loves me anyway! As I went up the road, it wasn't even raining. Just a downpour over a Halloween shop!

I was just tickled pink over my pictures. I FINALLY have a perfect raven photo I'd been wanting. I want to add to my blog. I have THE perfect Halloween pic now. It will probably give folks a heart attack when they see it! LOL

My aunt did well with the port that was installed so she can now go on dialysis. She had her first treatment later in the afternoon after the surgery.

All of this had taken a toll on my son's grades.

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LAURIE said...

Thank you for sharing with us today at Thankful Thursday. As I was reading your post, I couldn't help but to stop and thank God that He is the calm in our storms. So no matter what storm may be headed your way .... remember God is in it with you, leading, guiding and giving peace. Happy TT!

PERBS said...

I will have to be careful visiting yur blog until after Halloween as I don't like creepy stuff.

Take care and relax.

Denise said...

I am keeping you in my prayers, love you.

More Than Conquerors said...

I am praying for you and your family, Becky. Thank God that He is with us through every storms in our life! May God give you much wisdom, grace and strength to manage the many challenges in your life now. Thank you for your sweet words at my blog. I look forward to see more of your photographs. May God shower His love and kindness upon you daily. Take care!

With hugs and prayers,

Serendipity said...

So glad God gave you the rainbow after. Praying that all will be well this afternoon and when your cousin arrives.

Lynn said...

Hi Bec,

Wow, what a post and girl, I too, have had dreams about tornados. Mostly when I was a child.

Interesting. Hope your visit to the grocery store went well. Hugs.

becky aka theRAV said...

Laurie, I loved what you said that God is the calm in our storms! Thank you so much for your words. Paulie, I can't promise you I won't post my creepy pics. I'll try to take your advise and relax. Thank you, Denise for the prayers. I will keep you in mine also. Thanks Nancie. I appreciate the prayers for my family and myself. Yes, God is with us in our storms of life. I know He is with me in this one. THANK YOU for your sweet words here, Nancie. Yall all just make me feel so good and I thank you for that. Blessing, hugs and prayes back at ya! Serendipty, I was so thankful to see that rainbow too. I usually can't get a good photo of one so I didn't even attempt it. Hi Lynn. The visit went well thanks to all of your prayers. It just reinforced why my cousin cannot be left in charge of money. Thank you all again.