Monday, September 6, 2010

Angels in the Clouds


This was something I did awhile back. It had just been lying about so I snapped a picture of it a week or so ago. I figured I would just use it as a background piece in some other art. I wasn't thrilled with it until today. This was done with plastic wrap dipped in micropore ink pads. These ink pads only come in limited colors. I have black, blue and red. It wasn't until I was playing with this in Picasa just a few minutes ago, turning it about that I noticed the images of the black robed woman near the top center. The thought that first came to mind was "Angels in the Clouds" thus the title. Now I sort of fancy it. Hope you do too. Hope you can see her and other angels I saw in it. I like to think of it as the angels that watching over us. I do not see it as foreboding or a bad omen. Just more art by the RAV which hasn't been on here in far too long. I am sure Paulie will agree!

Hope you have had a great Labor Day weekend.
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