Friday, September 10, 2010

The Praying Mantis

Lately I haven't been taking a lot of pictures. At least not as much as I normally do. Nor have I been really artistic. Just a few lines of color added here and there to something I am currently working on. But when I was uploading pictures Tuesday nite, I realized I now have a pattern to my art. I have 18 pieces I did this year that are similar yet differing themes.

You are not going to believe this.... First it was dozens of dragonflies I saw for weeks and weeks on end. Then yesterday as I was leaving Peachtree mall, a praying mantis was on my windshield! Was that a sign I needed to pray more? Immediately I started reaching in my purse for my camera. At the traffic light near the Krystal, I snapped the 1st photo where I'd left an open space and a car pulled in front of me. I drove slow like an old, old lady. The mantis was staying on for dear life. His wings spread when got over 35 mph. I didn't know they had wings! At the light near Logan's, I got a pic where it looks like the mantis is walking on the traffic lights! Everytime I'd try to take the shot where he was looking at me, he'd turn his head. I'd tap on the windshield to no avail. I'd look at other cars to see if they saw him or this crazy lady knocking on her windshield. No one saw it be me. He stayed on until I turned on 17th Street them flew away.

When I showed the photos to Don last evening, he said I need to put this one in a show. Can't wait to upload these pics, send and post!

This morning there was a big fire ant on the roof of my car! What next? Not sure I want to know! My camera wouldn't focus on it so I let that one go. It wasn't as exciting as the mantis anyway.

Please remember to keep Daddy in your prayers next Tuesday, the 14th as he goes back to have the rest of the cancer removed from his face. Thank you.


Paulie said...

Here I was all excited and thought we would get to see it. sigh

becky aka theRAV said...

Soon... Paulie... soon... I promise. About to upload now.