Friday, September 3, 2010

Jury Duty

Sorry I haven't been back on here sooner. Thankfully I did sell something at Market days Saturday even if it was something small and inexpensive. It is still a sale. I had some stress factors last week. Later on Saturday afternoon I started feeling a bladder infection coming on so I took it easy the remainder of last weekend. I rested, napped, drank plenty of water and crangrape juice. Just didn't feel like being on the computer nor uploading photos as is my Sunday nite ritual.

I had jury duty this week. Thankfully my bladder infection was better. Imagine my surprise Monday morning when I saw my sweet friend Patti crossing the street to go to jury duty! I thought I was seeing a vision of an angel. I did! She did have the sunlight behind her golden curls. So we sat together, talked, caught up and addressed cards to a mutual friend and her son who's birthday is coming up this week.

Yesterday morning I arrived early after dropping Rhett off at school. It was rather coolish, but I stood outside my car parked in the shade, listened to traffic crossing the Chattahoochee, and saw several dragonflies. I have been seeing an abundance of them lately. Sometimes 4 at different times of the day. Sometimes 3 at one time. One even lit on my antenna, but flew away before I could reach back for my camera. I was thankful I got to take pictures of different scenery that I would not have seen if I didn't have jury duty. I watched a bunch of birds on a wire. I had to laugh at them. They will flap their wings and determinedly squeeze in between other birds. From where I stood, it didn't look like there was room for them to fit but they did. Some flew away instead when they didn't fit. If I had been one of the birds already on the wire, I probably would have been knocked off! LOL It is amazing they are not knocked off. Then there were the lone birds way on the end by themselves. I tend to like my space so I probably would have been one of those loners. I so enjoyed watching them. It also reminded me of a funny cartoon Rhett and I love to watch about birds. I think it is called "The Birds". We showed it to my cousin Lance when he was here this time last year. Lance is a birder and a bird himself!

Jury duty was an experience I will never forget. I was thankful I wasn't called to be an actual juror as I don't like judging folks. I have to admit all the men did look guilty to me. I realize that is a judgement in itself. If that is wrong then I am sorry. I know you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. It was a learning experience I'd rather not experience again. One man hit another man in the head with a metal baseball bat twice! The freakiest part was that bat was brought in as evidence. I felt like I was in the middle of a CSI episode or on a lawyer show. I learned they actually did have a jail cell in the back during a recess while waiting outside the very ancient ladies rest-room. I watched them put a young woman in that cell. This made me so thankful I am a good person and glad I have never experienced anything like that even though I work in a prison. There is a difference. I am not in a cell just an open cubby I wish had doors. I can leave everyday. It made me thankful for my freedom.

All the cases were "disposed" of so we were only there three days. I will not be called as a juror for two years. Wouldn't it be unreal if Patti and I were called back at the same time again? During this time, I got have lunch with my mom at Red Lobster. Then I had a scrambled dog from Dinglewood.

This week I painted my nails zebra stripes myself and did an ok job. I saved myself $13 by doing this myself. Some of my friends said they liked mine better than when I paid to have them done. I used some old Revlon French white polish which is already starting to chip. At Rite Aid I'd bought a bottle of black polish that has a really long haired brush for $3.99. I am sure it is for Halloween. I probably should buy another bottle just in case.

Last night in the Bible class I teach, we worked some more on our "Smile" boxes. Once again, I learned something from Casey. I wasn't going to paint the inside of my box which is turning out really well if I says so myself. I have baby blue skies, 3 pine trees, grass, a sun with pink cotton candy clouds streaking as if it is a sunset. I plan to paint a smiling face on the sun if possible. I borrowed Casey's idea and painted the inside a strawberry ice cream colored pink. My biggest brush was really retarded. I may just toss it out it is so bad. It is a # 9 Crayola. I think I got it in a pack of them perhaps from Jo-Ann's.

Now I had this all typed up ready to send yesterday. but got busy as I have been trying to catch up after having jury duty. Sorry. Yesterday we learned the bad news that my husband has been laid off work yet again. Please pray he can get unemployment again until he finds something or gets recalled back to work. Thank you! It is not like we haven't been down this road before. It seems we keep going down this same road.

I am also thankful for the wonderful art meeting we had last night. A precious 81 year old male artist spoke to us. He is a Godly man and his words brought tears to my eyes as well as others. It was like hearing a sermon only better because he talked about his conversations with God. I haven't tried to look him up on the internet but his name is Milton Lenoir. I am not sure if I spelled his last name correctly but he does beautiful work. I call them masterpieces yet he does not. Look his work up if you get a chance.

Milton asked to see our work which was hanging in the gallery. He liked my "I Love Ewe" abstract. He told us we have to please ourselves first. Prayer doesn't hurt either. He says to do and paint what you love.

I was so thankful for my friend Patti being there this week. I was so thankful to hear Milton talk last night. I think I could listen to him talk forever. What were you thankful for? Would you like to share with us as Thankful Thursday? Then please join us at Iris' at the following...


Paulie said...

A couple years ago I was picked for jury duty -- the last one --and in a way it was kinda fun. It was a boring case and I was the holdout for letting them off but they had enough that voted for him to be released so he got off. It was a car accident case.

Hope your week is better. I wish you had caught some of those dragonflies on camera. I haven't seen any this year. sigh

Denise said...

enjoyed your post, as always.

becky aka theRAV said...

My week was somewhat better except for one thing which will be in Thankful Thursday post, Paulie. Keep ya in suspense. LOL I wish I could have caught the dragonflies on camera too. I guess the are all down south which is why you haven't seen any this year.

becky aka theRAV said...

Glad you enjoyed this post, Denise. Thanks for stopping by & commenting.