Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am Praying

Well, I am hoping and praying that I will not have any more bad Fridays from here on out! I am praying for my family that we all remain safe, healthy and happy. I am praying that Don will find a job soon since he cannot get unemployment this time around. I am praying that I will sell some of my art at Market Days this Saturday as we need the money. I am praying for all my friends esp my BFF Genie still dealing with her mom's death; for our friend Tom who nearly left us a few weeks ago. I am praying Nancy will get some much needed rest after Tom's recent health scare. I am praying Daddy's face will heal well and neither he nor my mom will fall hurting themselves. I am praying my car will last a little while longer as we cannot afford another one now. I am praying for Helen, her daughter Barbara and her son during their difficult time. I am praying for my dear friend Cheryl who has an infection in her leg.

I am thankful my weekend improved from Friday. I am thankful last week is over and done with. I am thankful Don and I are ok. I am thankful Rhett & I got to watch "Wall.e" Saturday. I am thankful I cooked and we ate hamburgers at my parents house Saturday night. I am thankful for the green frog I saw on the window pane at church Sunday and took a picture of with the clouds in the background so it looks like he was in the sky. Surreal. I am thankful for the new tv shows that are coming on like "Chuck" ,"Castle" and all the others. I am thankful for my cousin Lance who came through for us and his help even if he wanted no thanks. I was raised you thank people when they do something for you. I am constantly surprised by people's actions as you will see below...

Tuesday was Tiffany's 18th birthday and we celebrated with her family along with other members of our church family including our preacher and his wife. I was the official photographer as always. I didn't take as many pics as I did last year, but I got some really good ones. In one, Tiffany reminds me of someone I have seen on tv, but I cannot think of who the actress is and it is killing me. It will hit me eventually. I did something different this birthday celebration... I took pics of Tiff outside where there was a table set up. There was a floral arrangement as a backdrop in one. When I parked, I noticed several benches (Paulie!) and knew I wanted to take a family portrait there which I did.

We have a fairly new member Katelen who is Tiffany's friend whom I think Rhett is a bit jealous of. Katelen is so animated and funny. So expressive. I think I saw a little bit of myself in her. I took a pic of Tiff and Katelen then added Rhett in the middle. After all the group shots, Katelen wanted some funny pics on her cell phone. I think I fell in love with her cell phone! Made me want one, but I don't have one like it because I have my trusty camera. Then they had to do a "gangsta" pic. I think Katelen's pic was better than the one I took on my camera. She will put them on Facebook so we will have access to it. SO cool. I had SO much fun taking pictures. Don told Rhett, he should tell everyone, "Look at my two girlfriends." Rhett liked that idea. Cannot wait to upload these pics and print them for my friends Nancy and Tiffany.

Yesterday at lunch, I didn't have anything to read so I got a "Paper Craft" magazine. I think that was the name of it. I loaned it to my friend Nancy last night. It is about card making and was filled with some neat ideas I will attempt. I was thankful for this magazine. Did you know there is a National Card Making Day Oct. 2nd? Inside this magazine, there was a page of paper flowers where they used what I call "rick-rack" which is wavy hemming tape was used as the stem. I thought this was a neat idea and could envision flowers on cards stock like visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. There was a small article about spray ink on watercolor paper which got my interest.

I had to pay my Sears bill. I saw Aunt Betty there. It was good to see her. She looked good and was getting about well esp with her walker. Of course I just had to quickly run into Jo-Ann's while there where I bought some of that "rick-rack for $1 to try. I got a few other things. More of those boxes so I can make more Smile boxes as gifts. In my rush, I looked for spray inks while there but didn't see any.

Since Don hasn't been working, his attitude is different. He is far more opinionated now and voices his opinions. Rhett had mentioned to me one of his teachers said something about all the talking that was going on in her class. This teacher called the house yesterday. Rhett is not in trouble. She was just calling all parents to talk to them about this problem hoping this would help resolve it. Then he told me what he said and I went ,"God Bless America! Why didn't you just tell her to call me?" I am thinking of calling the school to tell them to call me only now! He told her she must not have been teaching long and could not get control of the class! Great! She has only been teaching 2 years. Now she may take it out on Rhett. He also asked if parents could still come in and observe. Since he doesn't have a job, he could do this. Shaking my head here. He needs to find a job!

Instead of having our preacher paint our scarred wall in the classroom, last night my class and I put up some peach colored paper across the center of the wall covering most of the ugly spots. We are going to put some of the vines I made for VBS on the sides as a border. I want to do something about the "Ten Commandments" as well as put up some of the artwork we do.

I was very tired last night, but ate a good ole baloney sandwich with Fritos! But I am refreshed this morning. Rhett has his 1st pep band performance at his school's football game this evening. I will be the proud mom in the stands taking pics and not going to my art meeting.

Then I got really miffed, steaming and shaking my head as well as shaking from anger and nerves! I asked an "acquaintance" certainly NOT a friend about the spray ink and about something I ordered from her in the past only to be told this:

About the sticky tape. “IF” I offer it again in the future, it will be only to my current customers, that frequently come to events and/or place Stampin’ Up! orders. Since you don’t fit either category, I thought I’d let you know where you can order it yourself. You can find it here:

Although I appreciate the links, I am still shaking my head in disbelief that she would say this to me! I have been nothing but nice to her. I held classes which increased her income. I just did not do it on a regular basis. I even had folks praying for her when she had breast cancer. I will not purchase anything else from her again! I know she stopped sending me stuff which I used to pass on to my friends. If she was still doing that, I would no longer pass them on to try to help her business. I guess she doesn't need my business anymore! Well, I can make my own cards and art just fine without her! I will no longer send her any quotations that might help her either.

This person had said something snotty in an email in the past. My friend Cheryl wanted her # s or email so she could call her and tell her off then, but I didn't not give it to her. I let it go. I cannot let this one go. I do not care if you know her or tell her this either.

I am not replying back to her email at all although apart of me wants to state what I have stated here and then some but I am not that kind of person. I am done with her. I normally give people 3 chances, but not this time. I have already sent my emails out to my friends. Some know her and some have replied that know her that they will not be buying anything else from her again!

Another friend said this...
"I don't know this person, but she is one of those kinds of people that it is best to just let drift out of your life. Life is just too short to waste time trying to figure out why someone you thought of as a friend would treat you this way. I have had to do this in the past a few times. It is a hurtful process, but I have learned one thing from it: true friends are precious and a true friend would not treat you this way. Consider it a lesson learned and get on with your life. You will be much happier without her unhappiness clogging your road to success." And she is so right. What she said reminded about my "friend" Bonnie who I had to let drift out of my life.

This really makes me thankful for my true friends in my life.

Then I found a copy of a note Rhett had written me that simply said"

"Dear Mom,
I love you.

Earlier this morning, I sent out this Quote of the Day...
What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?
-Robert Schuller-

I think our answers to this question depends on what is going on in our lives at the time when we read that quote. When were younger we probably would have answered differently. Back then, the world was our's to conquer and it is still is! I would have answered differently say at age 30 than now. I would have taken a bigger risk with my life which would have hurt my parents. But I am meant to be where I am not. Today all my hopes and dreams are centered around my art and my family. I would like to hear what you would attempt to do if you would not fail.

Only one friend has replied back about this quote. This friend said this...
"I think I would know my scriptures more thoroughly and try to convert the world. I know....sounds kind of lame, huh? Most of my aspirations are small, but I would love to be able to communicate better with people. I think if I were more articulate and better able to remember where just the right scripture is located WHEN I need it, I would be able to bring others to Christ. My sisters, in particular, are not very religious. They used to be, but life has taken its toll on both of them and they lost their hold on faith. They give him lip service, but never attend church and don't even want to talk about religious matters. So, that's what I would do, if I knew I would not fail." Awesome thought.

Sorry I was late with my TT post last week. If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following.....


Paulie said...

Sounds like you are very busy. . . and where are the photos of those benches????????

Denise said...

I join you in praying over all of your prayer needs sweet friend, love you bunches.

Lynn said...

"Dear Mom,
I love you.

Priceless. What a week my friend. Love you. Hugging you and praising Jesus this Thurday.

becky aka theRAV said...

They will be posted this weekend Paulie. Had not time to upload this week. Had a pep band concert last nite.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you, sweet Denise.

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, Lynn, that was priceless. Hugs back at ya.