Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Lost Another Marble"

I awaken after a much needed night's rest
feeling blest.
I begin my Saturday's ablutions
A word I learned from Mrs. Fritz's freshman English class at CHS
and thought I would never use.
She would be so proud of you!
I wash the sleep crusts from my two too tired eyes
Reminders that it is ragweed season
To everything there is a season...
and a reason.
Pulling a semi a Scarlett O'hara,
I say I'll wash the rest of my face later.
I search for my missing high blood pressure pills
Where oh where did I leave them?
I retrace yesterday's steps
going thru old baggage
I find old stuff
some that needs locking up.
Safe now.
I begin putting new things away
for a rainy day
I start one thing that leads to another
and another
as aging people do as told in an email.
Does this mean I am getting old?
I don't have time to be old!
I have too many people counting on me.
Still not finding what I first began searching for
My much needed life saving medication.
I find some sticky words that say "Old Navy" stuck to the floor
to add to my "Things Found at the Bottom of the Sea" piece of art
I need scissors to cut it
to fit
as well as cut out some fancy numbers
off a new catalog for future art.
In the catch all drawer are my much needed pills
where I least expected them.
Not remembering putting them there.
Feeling as if I lost another marble.
How many do I have left now?
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

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