Thursday, July 14, 2011


We got Daddy home from the hospital late Saturday night and we are thanfkful.There is no place like home. We are thankful we have one to come home to both here on earth and in heaven. Each day I am thankful I have my Daddy another day.

One of my friends at work who is also a chaplain leant me one of his books to read for what I am going thru with Daddy right now. It is called The RED SEA RULES by Robert J. Morgan. I just read the chapter about how Satan tries so hard to get to us. Then I just read what my friend Cheryl wrote in a email reply that was almost word for word! WOW! This book reinforces that we are meant to be where God intends for us to be. I have always known that fact. Little things happen that remind me of this all the time and I have written about it when it occurs. You may remember reading some of those times. Just as I was meant to stay home and not go to Gulf Shores last weekend. It is a very good book. I recommend it. I will have to return it to him when I am finished. Otherwise, I'd let all my friends borrow it.

Today I also read from the same book about a new prayer technique from the writings of missionary Amy Carmichael. She in turn learned it from the famous Bible teacher Dr. F. B. Meyer. Dr. Meyer was once upon a time an irritable, hot tempered young man. An older gentleman kindly advised him to look up at that moment of temptation and say simply, "Thy Sweetness, Lord."

Amy Carmichael developed her own variation.... When she met someone she didn't like, (for me that would be Illy! LOL), she would silently pray," Thy love, Lord." In crisis, she would whisper, "Thy help, Lord," or "Thy wisdom, Lord." The writer of the book, Robert J. Morgan, when worried would simply say, "Lord..." followed by the person's name for whom he was concerned. I liked that. Many times I feel that the person you are thinking about may be needing a prayer or two or three. I have a feeling I will be saying, "Thy patience, Lord" A LOT!!! LOL But be careful what you wish for....! I liked this technique. Hope you do too. Maybe it will work for you as well although I am not by any means telling you how to pray! LOL Just passing stuff on which I love to do as you know.

We got a hospital bed for Daddy. Mom rearranged the furniture in the living room to accommodate it. This made me sad. Daddy clapped his hands when he saw it yesterday. The youth group from his church came to see him today so I am hoping that lifted his spirits. It did mine & I wasn't even there.

I am getting stuff ready for another post card swap. With all that has been going on with Daddy, I have waited to almost the 9th hour to it together. I am using stuff I have already done with the exception of a photo of a drawing I did in my journal last year. One friend told me my artwork has really bloomed this year. I said "Just call me 'Blossom'." LOL That word Blossom stuck with me. I knew I wanted to put in a piece of my artwork. Of course I could have simply put it across one of my flower photos & still may do this. Anywhoo I wrote the word Blossom on this photo as well as some other words. I really like it. I scanned it at work & sent it to my friend since she inspired it. I haven't heard back from her yet. I am giving her a copy since she inspired me. I plan to go to Office Max after work & put them on card stock to send to the card swap.
Then I have to start getting ready for the CAG (Columbus) art show.

My friends sent me gifts from Gulf Shores. Iris got all of us brightly colored beach towels with our names sewn on them. Mine is sewn in bright green which isn't my color but I still love it. Rhett said the colors look "beachy". LOL They got me a lovely frame that has sand well glued then two rows of tiny shells then more well glued sand. It is heavy. It was probably expensive too. Because I couldn't go to the beach, they brought the beach to me... They couldn't find any good shells along the seashore so they bought a small bagful. I asked them to write something in the sand and take picture. Instead they sent me a baggie of sand! Iris wrote some thing really neat for all of us.

Had a good Bible class last night. One of Casey's friends who Rhett also knows tried to commit suicide. Just cannot imagine a 12 year old doing this especially because of a boy who caused Rhett problems at school. When Casey told me this we said an immediate prayer for Tristan that brought tears to my mine and Casey's eyes. Rhett's "girlfriend" MacKenzie had on one of those rubbery bracelets that said "LIVE" on it. It came from the dollar store. I suggested Casey buy one for her troubled friend to give to her when she takes her the card she made Sunday when she gets out of the Center.

Thank you for your continued prayers for my Daddy. Speaking of prayers.... I have another request of you... My friend Margo who I worked with at JCP has a daughter named Angie T. who had breast cancer surgery the day Daddy was leaving the hospital. Larry, a member of our church is being deployed to Afghanistan on the 15th. Thank you very much. Be blessed.

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Pamela said...

What a blessing the story of Amy Carmichael is to me. It's one I haven't read.

Praying for you as you face this difficult time with your father. And for your other requests as well. Isn't it awesome that we don't have to know someone before we can pray for them?

Dineen A. Miller said...

Love those prayers, Becky. I left you a comment at SUM too. Hugs! :-)

Rocks @ Made to Worship said...

That new prayer technique from Amy Carmichael is so nice, might do the same :)

May the Lord keep on blessing you and your Dad!

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Pamela! Yes, that was a blessing for me and now for others as I read. Thank you for you kind comments and prayers. Yes, that is indeed awesome. So glad you stopped by.

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Dineen! Thanks. I'll check your comment out. Hugs back at ya. That so reminds me of Lynn! LOL

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, it is nice. Thank you for the stopping by, commenting and the blessings, Rock.!