Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Good Week I am Thankful For

Friday evening I was getting Rhett's school supplies at Walmart in Alabama because they had the tax free weekend whereas Georgia did not this year. Walmart was a mess. They didn't have some things we needed which meant I'd have to go to Columbus after Market Days the next day to get the rest. I was really tired.

Saturday was Market Days. The vendors near me are so nice and giving. I am thankful I am where I am located even though I'd love to be near my art friends. Some church friends came and I took pics of their beautiful daughter Emma who is very photogenic. Her birthday party is this Saturday. My pictures will be her gift which is awesome to me. I was thankful for this small blessing.

After lunch after Market Days, I went school supply shopping as well as frame shopping for the picture Jena wanted of one of my rose photographs. Of course Michael's sale was off. I was lucky it was going on when I was framing my "Rainy Day In Georgia" for the art show. I went from Michael's to Target to Staples and still didn't have all of Rhett's school supplies. I ended up getting the last two at the grocery store! So much for saving sales tax! I spent far more in gas! Then I went to Jo-ann's to look at their frames. I ended up buying a wooden one I could paint. I was trying to save Genie some money. Later when I was painting it, I realized it has not glass! Don says I can borrow from Peter to pay Paul by taking glass out of another frame! LOL

Sunday after lunch, I picked up my "Rainy Day in Georgia" masterpiece from the art show. I was wearing a new top I got on sale at Khol's for $4 with an old country western skirt I used to wear country line dancing when Don and I were dating! Rhett went with me inside the Corn Center. As we were almost inside, an artist was carrying his neat artwork out. I really liked his piece. It was of differing materials such as raised burlap and mesh all painted over in bright primary colors. I told him how much I liked it. He volunteered the media he used. Everyone was friendly. I asked who won the Member's Choice knowing I did not win. My art had been placed on the floor along with the other small piece that was near it. I thought it odd that mine was on the floor while others were still hanging.

Then Rebecca, a portrait artist told me how much she loved my piece of art! That made my afternoon especially coming from her! She will have the photos of all the art up on the website soon. When she does, I will post the link.

I had to deal with someone this week who said I talked to them like a child. I don't even talk to my son as if he is a child!

My friend Anne sent me the sweetest email this week. I was hurt and was upset about several things this week. She said I am a sensitive person and actually think about other people's feelings which is rare these days. She told me one of my most endearing qualities was that I manage to pick myself up and keep on going. When I get down... even when life thows me a curve, I always try to find a way to deal with it and move on. That I love and spread love. I wasn't aware of this. She said I give more than I get. All of this brought tears to my eyes. I printed her email out so my mom could read it. My fortune cookie this week said "You will soon be receiving some good written news." It was Anne's kind words I received that made my entire week. I also like to think that I am there for my friends especially in their times of need.

Well, I amazed myself once again.... I just happened to stop in a Salvation Army near work yesterday. I found a small cream colored cabinet door with a rose and leaf design at the top of it for $5. It looks very antique yet new. I walked away from it, but knew I had to have it. I am sure you are wondering why? I'd been collecting things for a piece of art for the Spring Opera House which is due on the 14th. Previously I took pics of the Springer, an old hat box from the 1960's which was backstage. I could have taken old framed art and painted over them.

Once again I was waiting til almost the last minute to start on an art project, but this time it was well worth the wait. I had been praying the Lord would guide me ont this one. Now I feel like it was meant to be. After I got home, I decided to use some of my scrapbook papers. Not sure if I am really supposed to do this as they have copyrights on them, but they worked really well. I have cut-outs of some of my photos on it also. I used some stickers, but tried not to use ones that were so obvious and would be recognizable. I think I only used some spotlight stickers at the top. It looks almost like a stage scene. I had a stamped image of a couch a lady gave me for free in the background, a really fancy chair I cut out of a catalog was in the foreground. Before I adhered everything, I had Rhett look at it. He went "WOW!" So I know I did good! I placed it on the couch then walked back in the room & it really looked good from a side view to me. I stayed up til midnight adhering everything. I took pics of it from 2 different angles, but will upload those this weekend. You will just have to remain in suspense. LOL

Rhett thought I was going to put it up in the house! I told him it was for the Springer. I asked him what I should call it. I didn't like his idea. Because it reminds me of a door, I thought of "Open Door to the Springer". I added a keyhole sticker then traced a skeleton key below that. Probably should have hung a key with a fringed thingie. Oh well. I also traced part of the key on the opposite side of the door. Not sure if I will go back and paint these keys as I used a magic marker. Haven't decided if I will do a third key yet. I always like to do things in threes. I know you are supposed to repeat some things. If I do add a 3rd key, I could call it "The Key to the Springer". I think it will fit in well at the Springer. I can see it there...

Anyway, I like it a lot and that is the main thing. Still can't believe I did it all in a matter of hours. But that is the way my art usually works for me. Man was I tired when I cleaned up & went to bed!

I have to up my price on this because the Springer gets 40% if it sells. I'll let you know when the auction will be. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Today I got yet another compliment on "Rainy Day". My friend Sheree told me she just kept going back to it to look at it again and again! I told her she made my day.

Please keep my friend Genie in your thoughts and prayers as she is having a difficult time dealing with her mom's death. Thanks.

Then my daugther in law Kristina in Indiana who makes hairbows for little girls sent me this...

"So apparently there is a little girl at Shelby’s school with cancer and has lost all of her hair. She told Shelby yesterday how much she loves all of her hairbows. Shelby told me about it this morning and asked if I could make this little girl a pretty hairbow and put it on a headband for her so she could wear hairbows too. I almost cried! So of course I am going to make this girl a little basket of hairbows and give her a few headbands and I told Shelby we would make it a surprise for her. Shelby then asked if we could do this for all the little girls that did not have hair because of cancer. So now, we are on a mission! We are going to see if we can get some donations from Hobby Lobby/various craft stores and are going to make up tons of bows on bands, custom hankies (For the boys and girls, and make some cute toboggans/hats and are going to take them to Kosair’s Childrens Hospital around Christmas! If any of you bow making ladies would like to join us, let me know!" -K-

Life is so good. And I am truly thankful. Laurie and am ever hopefully an optomistic person who always sees the glass FULL. If you have thankfulnesses you would like to share with us at Thankful Thursday, please go to the following...


More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Becky,

Thank you so much for your visits, prayers and encouragements. Thank God for strengthening me and I am feeling better. I am learning to rest in our Lord and wait upon Him. Thank God for giving me peace and simple joy in Him daily.

You sure love and spread love! I am glad Anne was able to encourage you. You are such a blessing and encouragement to me and your other friends. You have been there always whenever I need encouragement. I love you and am praying for you. You are very precious to our Lord and He is near to you. Praying with you for Genie. May she knows the comfort of God. May God continue to bless your art project and gives you much joy there.

Take care and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

With love in Christ and prayers,

becky aka theRAV said...

WOW! What you wrote brought tears to my eyes, Nancie. Glad you are feeling better! I am learning that I do love and spread love and am so very thankful for this. Glad I can be a blessing and encouragement to you as well as my other friends. I am so glad I am always there for you. I love you and pray for you too, my friend. I could feel the Lord as I read that! Thanks for your prayers esp my BFF Genie who is back safely home now. I trully belive the good Lord IS indeed blessing my art. It certainly is blessing me with joy.
Thank you again for these beautiful words.