Friday, August 20, 2010

I Spy

I spy
Lately it has been dragonflies galore
Seeing them twice a day or more
Two at one time in one day!
Lucky me.

Overly observant me
Idling over the interstate,
I see a different view
(my 2nd this week)
underneath hazy skies
from higher up.
Sitting on top of my world
Running ahead of time
for a change.
I spy...
THE greenest field
The grass is greener here.
two peacocks strutting on green grass.
What are the odds?
My blessing of the morning.

What did you spy today?
~Becky Bristow Voyles~


Paulie said...

Well, I can tell you what I did not spy . . . a photo of your dragonfly!!!!!! sigh

becky aka theRAV said...

Didn't take a pic of the dragonflies I spied. No time to grab a camera. It would like trying to capture a hummingbird, fireworks, lightening, etc. LOL I plan to upload all my dragonflies at once, Paulie.