Thursday, November 18, 2010

On a Creative Bend

What can I say about this week? I could say a lot; I could complain a lot about another Illy episode at work, but I won't. It wouldn't do any good anyway. I have complained by email to my close friends. By Wednesday, this week just felt like a week and a half, but I am in a much better mood today. There were the usual ups and downs, but mainly ups. The only real downer was my Uncle R. F. passed away. I am just thankful it wasn't on Thanksgiving because that would have made the holiday hard and really sad. But he is better off now. He is no longer suffering. My mom has taken it well in my presence.

Since Sunday when I took some of my abstract doodles in to the PC arts, Cindy's words have echoed in my head. I worked one all week nights until Tuesday night when I felt it was complete. I am pretty happy with it. Even thought about taking a piece of plywood, stapling black material to the plywood and placing pins to hold the abstract on the board to take pics of it. Then I thought a memory board would work. Just wonder which one would be cheaper? Never thought I'd want a solid black memory board, but it would certainly service a purpose here. I have always wanted a pink gingham one or a cream colored one with matching ribbons that reminded me of the sleeves on my wedding dress. It is a lattice work design or a repeating x design. It is on Don's stereo speakers and on our china cabinet.

I even got an idea that Don and I could make photo holders. I would love it if he would help me make stuff.... if I just could get him to do it. When I told this to my BFF Genie in an email, she said I was really "On a Creative Bend". I liked that. Even thought of using that as a suggestion for our abstract/non-realist group. Can't wait to suggest it to them. If they like it, if we use it, I am sure Genie will be thrilled!

I am being nominated as vice-president of the Phenix City Artist Guild! Of course I will have to be voted in, but just to be nominated is really awesome. I feel so comfortable; so at home with this group of artists like I belong. That is a wonderful feeling. I am thankful for all this.

Rhett went to his new pediatrician today and I fell in love with her. She was so sweet. She kept calling him "dear". The only problem I had was he had to fill out a question-aire which asked if he liked boys or girls; if he'd had sex; if there were guns in our home, etc. I almost started to x thru it, but I didn't want to cause waves on our 1st visit. He asked me if I read them. Even he couldn't believe the questions. He is in good health and I am so thankful. Maybe a little shorter than he should be even though I thought he was getting taller. I know he has grown because I had to buy him new pants. LOL He is almost as tall as me now. Just can't imagine him being taller than me and I will have to look up to him.

I have gotten good feedback from other PC artists who were so glad we painted the window; who are especially glad Rhett helped. They think it is wonderful as do I.

I had another weird dream last night. I dreamed Don bought us tickets to Hawaii! I'd forgotten stuff and had to go back. Then I was rushing to get to back to the airport in time and to my waiting guys. I kept going up and down stairs until I was hot and tired and literally hot in my sleep. I was so scared Don was going to be so mad at me if we missed our flight. I know the dream was telling me how unorganized I am.

I have been re-readingOn The Night of The Seventh Moon by Victoria Holt. I'd read this out of high school and was so enamored with it. Rereading it has made me question those feelings now. I am sure I was just a starry-eyed teenager then. I don't think the book had any bearing on my dream.

My friend Lyn's book II of Place of Sage is out in book stores now. She is on a book signing tour in Washington state. Please check it out if you have the time.

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Paulie said...

I am taking care of my grandchildren for ten days and we might get snow here Sunday! HOPE HOPE!!!!

becky aka theRAV said...

I will HOPE HOPE along with you Paulie! I spoke with a lady in Minn this week who said they got their 1st snow of the year.