Saturday, November 13, 2010

"The Ever Changing Chattahoochee Art Show'

After work Friday, I took my newly framed photograph to be hung inside the PC art gallery for "The Ever Changing Chattahoochee Art Show". It was well placed and looked really good hanging where it was hung. Not just because it was mine hanging there. It was just the perfect spot for it. There was some really good stuff. One lady. Dale, who is new to this guild, had a very neat idea. She painted a large canvas of what could be the Chattahoochee River. In small matching black frames she randomly placed some of her photos of the ever changing Chattahoochee. It should have won an award if any were given as well as Mrs. June's 3 dimensional layered painting.

Well, the art show was bit disappointing today. We had very few people show up for it. I am not one to just sit around and do nothing when I could be creating. After all, we were surrounded by all that beautiful art. So I went out to my car to get my purse which had my art journal my BFF Genie gave me. I knew I had all sort of pens, markers and crayons in it also. I began pulling them out, but everyone suggested I help paint one of the windows where Cindy, the other abtract artist had started some stems and leaves. I was scared I would mess up, but it can easily be wiped off. So I started painting flowers. I got so into it at one point, that I was sticking my tongue out unaware until another artist, Phyllis told me not to bite it off! I am used to this comment as this is one of my bad habits.

Painting these flowers sort of reminded me of the red & white verigated tulips I'd been looking for and sent links to via email recently. I started out painting red flowers. Then added orange ones and covered some of my red ones with orange, then purples and lavendars. It got good to me. I had so much fun. I also realized I saw a pattern in them. Cindy has her style and I have mine. Like my trees, I like to think my flowers are feminine. I really can't describe it. I can just see it; see my style in them. The other side of the window did not look as good as the side we painted on. I did snap pics of them as well as some other shots I hope to upload tonight or tomorrow.

There was supposed to be a Veteran's parade downtown around 1 pm. My parents were going to come to the show, but I told them to come around 3. They were bringing Rhett. I told Daddy he HAD TO bring his cane as it is so uneven ground around the art center. When Daddy walked in, the 1st thing he asked was "Where is your art? LOL So I gave them the grand tour.

Then I asked Rhett if he wanted to paint some flowers on the window where I had added more stems and leaves on the right side. He painted three roses and some grass. The grass was done with a weird looking brush. Not sure what it is called. It was sort of like a wide angle brush that fans out even more than a rake. Rhett was using his brush like a pencil. He doesn't know how to hold it like I do, but he still made recognizable roses. This made me realize I am quite comfortable with a brush in my hand. He had to get the hang of the odd brush, but he did well for the 1st time. I'll make an artist out of him yet! LOL We may go back over there tomorrow to paint some more. They want to do an undersea theme on the other window. It is a free day there tomorrow.

One of the officers at work brought his kids just as we should have been closing up. Bernard just loves my "Rainy Day in Ga" one! (Anne!) I told him how I want to duplicate it again so it can also hang in the Phenix City Library. I also told him I have magnets of it for $5 each I am selling. For now he wants two of the magnets; one for each kid. He'd love to have "Rainy" to hang in his dining room. I'd love for him to buy it! So the day was not a total loss for me. I think the others may have heard us talking about it. Since the magnets were not in the building, it is technically not a sale there.

We did wonder where everyone was today. We wondered what we can do to bring more folks in to the arts center. I know I emailed everyone I know. I put it on the bulletin board at work for the entire Gov't center to see. I put it on Facebook. It didn't hit me until later this evening that today was the Ga/Auburn game! I even watched the last part of the game. Shock I know.

My Uncle R. F. in Texas has not spoken since Sunday. There is blood in his urine now. My cousin Gail thought we would have been out there by now. Daddy is just not physically able to make that long trip and mom won't leave him. We are not taking Rhett out of school. Mom really doesn't want to go being the homebody she is.

Today was a good day. Hope your's was as well. Hope you were artistic in some form or fashion. Hope you tried something new artistically like I did.


Paulie said...

Sounds liek you had a bit of fun!

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, I did indeed, Paulie.